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NSW Track at luddenham approved

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by 87crisis, Sep 5, 2013.

  1. https://www.facebook.com/LuddenhamRaceway

    we've heard so many rumours of tracks being built in the past

    let's hope this one comes through



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  2. Looks awesome
  4. Good news no doubt, but only 1.25km long... 1/4 scale version of eastern creek? lol
  5. 1.25Ks? So a skill track rather than an outright 'fast' track ...

    Cool :)
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    Can see motards killing it there.
    Doesnt look like it has a flat spot on it. All either up or down, will be quite technical.

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  7. 15 min ride from my joint yippy!!
  8. i really don't care how long or how technical it is, point is it's another track for riders to use.....we are starved for choice as is - this and any other new tracks that come about are a blessing
  9. hoping it makes prices more competitive to ...
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  11. that track would be hell fun just as a dirt flat track!
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  12. It seems they only build goat tracks these days. I'll still ride it
  13. Same for me, can't wait, when does it open?
  14. Nice piece of grass-cutting there lol

    Any track with gradients has to be a plus
  15. So we're all staying at your place when we come up from Melbourne to try out the track? Thanks for the offer! :D
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  16. Sure :p
    ..got a big enough backyard with an undercover (powered) bbq area.. just bring a tent ;)
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  17. Swag okay? Don't eat much, and I'll give you a go on the MV
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  18. Lol just bring your own machine gun turret to protect your bikes from the locals :p
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  19. Hopefully entry fee will be more competative than SMSP
    2014 price rise there making it not a cheap day out.

    Does anyone have an idea when it will be open to the public ?