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Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Joleda, Nov 9, 2013.

  1. Recently upgraded to a new street triple(y) ,

    I obviously naively assumed that it would only be around $500/600 a year to insure and I am getting quoted $1k or over per annum... which is crazy!!:wtf:

    I pay less on a luxury model car that is over 3 times more expensive and a v8! I was thinking the 1K plus insurances were more aimed at the thou's and such, not the naked mid range bikes!
    Is this a standard price people have received? and if so do you actually pay over a grand a year for a 12/13k bike? I'm considering the $140 third party option... at least I'm covered if Im not looking in peak hour and run up a ferrari's ass or something. :inpain:
  2. Which insurer gave you the quote?
  3. It's going to depend on you - location, experience, past history, current no claim (if applicable) etc.
    I just did a quote on a 2013 TRIUMPH STREET TRIPLE R MY12 ROAD 675 CC with IMR and the cost with $1000 gear cover and $1000 personal valuables cover was $650.10 for a daily ride with $400 excess. Insured sum $13,990.
  4. Yep, depends on the risk being insured. That is a combination(primarily) of you, your circumstances, the insured property, and geographic location.
    Example - when I changed from the Sprint GT (1050cc, $15k) to the FJR (1300cc, $25k), my insurance premium costs went down.
    My wives previous car (Mercedes ML ~$100k) cost about $200 a year LESS to insure than her current skateboard (Focus ST).
    Being an insurance risk assessor would be great. You get to make decisions all day every day, that no one else understands.
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  5. @Dima just had his Daytona stolen last night.

    Perfect reason right there to have more than just Third Party.

    I'm paying $116 p/ mo on the Brutale. I have no reservations in paying it either.

    Peace of mind :)
  6. Some companies have a policy for "Third Party, Fire and Theft".

    Might be worth quoting if the full comp is too dear???
  7. well im 26 in 2 months, female and rating 1, insuremyride (who my ninja is with - comprehensive) and swann are both over 1k and QBE's website is being stupid - all the other's say to call them. I thought I would be a good example for reasonably priced insurance but I guess not :eek:
  8. This is what I was expecting from them. So bummed.
  9. I reckon your location might be sending it up. Age might be too. I'm lucky that I'm an old fart living in a postcode nobody knows about except for us chosen ones.
    If you are close to 26 then have a try with your age up a year. Under 25 is often dearer but am not sure if it includes 25. It shouldn't but worth a try.
    Who else do you have quotes from? I reckon if you try as many as possible you might do better.
    I'd be putting quotes to the test and see how long you'd stay on such a high rate. If it drops in the next few years might be worth it. Might be worth it anyway as some can attest to.
    Is the bike financed?
  10. Have you tried Shannon's @Joleda ? They can be a bit fussy with who they will cover (history, experience etc) but are very good . If you have a car as well , you could do a multi vehicle policy which gives a bit of a discount . Also do pay by the month direct debit . Worth looking at .
  11. I also found most quotes to be about $1000. But ended up with RACV for under $500.
  12. Some insurers will give you a discount if you mention you are a member of NR, I have no idea why this happens but there is some anecdotal evidence in this forum that you may get up to an extra 10% off the price (from memory).
  13. Damn ... that sucks :(

    Insurance is a necessity ... and unfortunately bikes are easily damaged by even the most simple falls. It still works out cheaper than owning horses though ;)
  14. yeah I might have to do the ring around once she arrives after the weekend, I didn't want to call anybody until I had the rego details. My partner suggested putting in 26 as the age to see what happens - will have a play with ages on IMR on nightshift tonight.
    My cars are with RACQ so I'll see if they are willing to insure a trump, they wouldnt touch my ninja, so I instantly discounted them from the pile.

    Thats what makes me hesitate about going third party - but partner and I agreed we wont pay more for a bike per year than a car, hopefully I can talk someone down in premium.
  15. My partner will be able to go with them, I'm a couple months off 2 years with my motorcycle licence though which is their minimum unfortunately.
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    Why compare to a car? When was the last time you dropped the car when stationary?

    Its really because you got a Triumph as well, oil dropping on the backwheel causes lots of crashes.
  17. I thought it would be dearer
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  18. Insurance is a consumable ... bit like tyres really. You get what you pay for.

    The best insurance is >>> don't crash
  19. Never have and touch wood never will! :X3:
  20. AAMI does online quotes, too, and aren't too bad to deal with. They also offer Fire, Theft, Third Party as an option.