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TPG outage

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Gurbachen, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. anyone else's internet crap itself about two hours ago? seems to be only TPG, and only this site and a couple other things are loading at all, and slow as hell at that. Currently using tethered internet from my phone but I need my fix man! I can't go this long without good internet :-({|=

    There's a thread in the TPG section of Whirlpool but I now my tethered internet seems to have stopped working properly too, raaaaage
  2. I'm with TPG and we're fine.
    Is it raining where you are? Ours used to drop out when it rained.
  3. Makes you wonder...what did we do before the internet?
  4. Watch TV? Read? Throw rocks at each other? :p
  5. The wife?
  6. I had the same issue.
    Western Melbourne, TPG sh1tness.

    Seems to be fixed for me now.
  7. yeah it went out around 8pm and seemed to start coming back on around 10pm, TPG reps never made an announcement so dunno what it was
  8. when out side AND WAIT FOR IT WAIT FOR IT road our bikes

  9. Can someone please translate this??
  10. obviously not DIRT bikes, then??
  11. Sure.

    Whilst the internet was unfortunately not working, we went outside and wait for it, wait for it, rode our motorcycles.
  12. see not that hard to read
  13. Or push bikes... for those of us not old enough to have had a motorbike before the internet :)
  14. Push bikes, water fights, soccer/afl/cricket...I remember court cricket...the good old street posts as wickets.
  15. People actually get good internetting with TPG? Ours cuts out allll the time for hours on end. You get what you pay for afaik...
  16. mine went out earlier on the day, before work
  17. Many people get perfect service with them, the number of times i've mentioned our frequent drop outs and get told 'Oh you should sign up to TPG instead, they're great!' makes me shudder. That said, no one else is even mildly price competitive, so it's a case of well even if it's not always functional, at least it's cheap
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    I've been with tpg for a while now. I'm on their unlimited plan. I've never had an issue with speed or line stability. I sustain 1.5MB/s constantly over the month to a US server. You do the math.. for the price they are friggin awesome. I also have latency sensitive services that run fine. PLUS, their mobile phone plans are awesomely cheap... however their tech support is crap..

    I was with internode before, no difference really except better tech support (they weren't morons).

    I think most people have shitty tel wiring and so on, hence the issues.
  19. You rode bikes more :)