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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by deafwish, Aug 11, 2005.

  1. Other than the bike, what's your other form of entertainment, or other toy?
    No lame jokes like "my girlfriend" or "my dirty mag' collection"...... :roll:

    Mine is my WRX.
    Daz. :wink:
  2. My Toys:

    My Musical instruments: 1 x Bass, 3 x Acoustic guitars, 2 x Electric Guitars, 3 x Keyboards, various flutes, recorders etc, various percussion instruments. In the process of making the world's best lagerphone at the moment.

    My Swords: Set of 3 straight blade samurai swords, Lerge wide blade scimitar (more like a giant hunting knife really), WWII Chinese inf. sword, Various other display swords, set of 3 hand axes.

    The PS2 of course, currently playing Champions: Return To Arms.

    Who still has a 'dirty mag' collection, all mine's digital now, it's more like my 'dirty harddrive'... 8)
  3. Making leadlight windows.

    renovating (mostly as an excuse to keep adding to my toy box oops. tool box)
  4. life outside the bike? NEVER! :LOL:

    xbox modding (i hardly play the things, just mod)
    ummmmmm.... working on the bikes?

    i have a HQ coupe in the garage that i'm supposed to be working on, but bikes are much more fun ATM so all the money/time goes into them :oops:
  5. xbox and computer mostly during the winter and surfing during the summer.

    oh btw coconuts you have a pm
  6. Going out with my wife and enjoying the freedom not having kids at home provides.
    Computing (hang around in Netrider a little bit)
    Music (own about 7 guitars)
    Playing with my two wonderful grandchildren.
    Golf (trying to become a halfway respectable player)
    Not much time for anything else

    Oh yes, and one day I hope to complete the work on my other toy. I am trying to restore a genuine 1980's Kawasaki superbike that raced at Bathurst in April 1981.
  7. The mountain bike and the flat bar road bike are my toys. :):):):):):):)
  8. oh yeah, forgot about the MTB :D bit cold at the moment for that tho....
  9. toys?...
    Computers, pornonet, umm, I mean the internet,
    foxtel sports channels, tools and the application therof..
  10. My XR8 Falcon and on the really cold dreary days just sitting on the couch picking the banjo.
  11. Hmm my son Phoenix the best kid I ever played with!! (I'm so trying to get him into Lego and MegaBlocks)

    And fixing up bikes!!! making tools for fixing bikes and inventing new crap for bikes...
  12. Let's see there's the Toyota MR2, the Alfa Romeo 33Ti, the mountain bike or just sitting around on the computer/playstation. Oh also have a fair collection of 1:18th scale model cars and bikes though they're not toys, they're collectables :)
  13. let's see
    Get up at 5:30 am, drive two hours to work
    Work till 5:00pm, drive two hours home
    repeat until bored stupid, quit
    NOW I might have some time for some toys.
    Seriously, though, Netrider is the best toy I've had for years. It costs nothing, is available all the time, provides endless unpredictability and has given me more laughs than ought to be allowed!
    Thank youse all for coming, and I love youse all.
  14. Hmmmm.
    Xbox atm as it is a new toy for me.
    But soon it will be upgrading the PC and playing games on that.
  15. cricket, furniture making, fishing, touch footy.... um... let's face it without bikes I don't have much of a life
  16. You need to get out more often dude! :LOL:
    Daz. :wink:
  17. Whoops, I forgot fishing, thanks dan
    LOVE driving down to Tathra and sitting on the wharf for the day catching Australian Salmon.
    And even if I don't, the "head space" that it provides is worth the price of admission all by itself.
  18. Glad to see someone else enjoys 'the outdoors' recreation type. Started to think I was the odd one out NOT owning any form of computer game :)
  19. Ummm.. It's another Triumph. (yeah, I know, glutton for punishment :roll: )
    This one's got four wheels and six cylinders. 1970 GT6. Modified "extensively", but still eligible for historic racing. One day.
  20. Another Triumph tragic!!! Between us RC and I have spent half our adults lives in or under Triumphs, 2500TCs usually. You haven't lived till you've laid on a cold concrete garage floor in the middle of a Canberra winter with a Triumph gearbox/overdrive unit lying on your chest, doing up the 16 (yes, 16, count them, Holden uses 4) bolts that hold the bellhousing to the engine casing. How I DON'T miss that!!!