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ToyRun 2004

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by mgompie, Oct 30, 2004.

  1. To answer Watchdogs questions I can clear up some misunderstanding as far as the TAC is concerned, however the purpose of the toy run funds are dubious at best and this raises far more questions than answers I can give.

    :) Firstly lets clear up the Toy Run funding. I believe the TAC has a separate fund, not part of the $50 levy. These are funds set aside for safety awareness and special target projects, I may be corrected but I think these funds were also used for the Motorcycle safety campain Vice Versa. These are self “general tax payer” funded.

    :?: The real question is why should the MRA receive $25.000 for a toy run? When the real cost is probably closer to $7.000 to $10.000
    :?: Why is it that the TAC had to be blackmailed into funding a Toy Run with the MRA using public pressure through the media with lies about the prommise of TAC funding that was no longer forthcomming?

    The Toy Run is now completely fragmented, with different groups organising to end at Williamstown’s’ Bikes by the Bay, and the MRA Toy Run is only a part of the whole picture. :?: Why the high cost?
    :?: Why is it that Netrider, Ulysses and the many other clubs in the state don’t require/receive Toy Run funding?
    :?: Why is it possible that the MRA gets funding for items like Toy Run badges, T-shirts and the like and when you want to purchase them you have to pay Damien’s business NMC Motorcycle Insurance? :shock:
    :?: Why can’t the MRA sell these items themselves?
    This raises questions about who has their hands in the till at the MRA??

    As far as VMAC is concerned, I find it hard to hear motorcyclist say that the $50 levy is good because it allows us to do something with it. Although the individual projects the $50 levy funds may be OK for motorcycling and MC safety, These are projects VicRoads should be doing anyway. We shouldn’t have to fund road repairs. Unfortunately there needs to be a much more concerted effort by riders to stand up and be counted. We should be fighting for all these recommended VMAC improvements :x BUT WITHOUT HAVING TO PAY FOR IT WITH A SEPARATE LEVY.

  2. Thanks GOMPIE, guess that clears up much of the rumour. But yeah, how come you have to pay Damien for items bought from TAC funding? Money Grbbing? i think so!
  4. I believe that this is correct, but the sponsorship was, I am told gained by a professional, open discussion accompanied by the proper submission of a detailed budget. No such professionalism this time.
    Am I right GOMPIE?
    TAC will be embarassed by this current fiasco. Which Toy Run are they going to fund? The MRAA (very small) Run, the Ulysses Cranbourne Run(or is it the Ulysses/MRA run, or the Cranbourne MRA run, or the MRAA Cranbourne Ulysses Run, or maybe the Cranbourne, Williamstown, MRA, Ulysses Toy Run, or the unofficial, official TAC, MRA, Melbourne and environs Toy Run?) , the Eastern Suburbs Toy Run, The BMW Toy Run, The Peninsula Ulysses Toy Run, Tthe Geelong Toy Run, the Bendigo Toy Run? All these used to be part of the "Geat MRAA Toy Run" but sadly, since last year, we seem to have a problem coming to grips with just which Toy Run to support. Mr Hulls must quite rightly be a trifle red faced at the moment, he has been the victim of a con and has put the TAC right in the middle, to their complete embarassment. I think we may all do well to ring Neil Mitchell with an equally half baked Toy Run idea and shout loud and long: "SHOW US THE MONEY"!!
    Maybe this year, we should just take our gifts straight to the Salvos shops to save on double/triple handling, they'll all end up there to be sold for a profit anyway.
    Or perhaps we could ask VMU to let us know if they have their Toy Run plans in place yet?
  5. I know netrider has :):p:p:p:p
  6. Our organisers have mapped out the route and they have ridden it on a Sunday morning so they know what they can expect.
    Just as soon as we test th route one more time we'll publish teh details.

    Currently there are 3 runs assembling, North, West and SthEast.
    Funding shmunding, turn up, ride to the assembly point, donate leave.
  7. And the recipient Charity?
  8. According to http://www.toyrun.org.au/index.php?page=VIC it is the Salvation Army. The netrider run points will be meeting up with the main Melbourne Toy Run for the full benefit of all riders and the solidarity and unity factor. It's a big disappointment that the Cranbourne Ulysses run had decided to form their own splinter group and apparently not join the main Melbourne group. Why they're not interested in the unity and solidarity factor is beyond my comprehension. Perhaps they know something about the organising of the Toy Run that we don't?
  9. I think you will find that Mr. Maggs is in bed with Dean Nightingale of the Williamstown Motorcycle Club.
    Perhaps Mr. Maggs is doing a "look Dean, look what I can do, I'll bring everyone over to you so they can boost your bank balance"

    Pfftttt, this clown needs to be fried. Using this event to raise funds for his mates.

    Ever since the toy run has ended at Williamstown I have done the run, donated to the nominated charity and have turned around and gone home.

    Using this event to "force feed" many thousands of bikes to some clubs annual event to boost numbers is deplorable.
  10. Yep, can't argue with that. My gift will go to Apex, I remember that they did a fantastic job last year. Then I'll go for a ride.
  11. Speaking of the toyrun.

    On Two Wheel Torque this evening in their calendar of events there was a listing for the;

    Cranbourne/Ulysees MRAA Williamstown Bikes by the bay toy run.
    For further details Contact Dean Nightingale at WMC on 04......
    I bet the commitee set up to run this event are thinking WTF?

    At this rate they will need 10,000 bikes so they can fit a letter on each rider to make up the name :)
  12. It's just a pitty that the Salvos use the toys for sale in their stores rather than distribute them as they should :cry: :cry: :cry: . I will also ensure APEX will receive my toys. I have seen their work and can fully endorse it :D :D :D .
  13. Here here col . Lets not dwell on the past but strive for the future and make this years toyrun one to remember .
  14. Oh it will be remembered allright.
    It will go down as one of the most fragmented runs in the toyrun's history.
    The MRAA president wont even take the hoards of bikes to the main assembly area. But will take them to his mates at Williamstown, best to get them there early to maximise on profits hey.

    If you have information on a Toy Run not listed, wish to make corrections or additions or have photos of your local Toy Run, please email me at nmcins@rabbit.com.au or post to :-

    Damien Codognotto OAM
    Toy Run Organiser
    PO Box 3091
    The Pines SC
    East Doncaster
    Vic 3109
    Web: www.mncins.com.au
    That on the front page. You didn't think that DC was going to do it for free did you.

    The VMU toyrun isnt listed, the netrider toyrun isnt listed.

    Yep, will be a memorable one.
  15. Vic, have you posted details on either Toyrun to Damien? If so and it's not up there can you post them directl to me please and i'll endeavour to see they get aired.
  16. Psst vic , the VMU site doesn't list a vmu toyrun :D
  17. netrider toyrun is listed in here!
  18. Really?

    Pfftt slack pricks.

    I decide to spend 1 hour a night on here for the last 3 days and already the place is falling apart.

  19. Toy run support

    If I understand correctly, the Willy club gets something from the toy run? What and how much?
    I thought the runs were for main charities to distribute gifts locally (Melb) wrong?
    I have ridden in with the Ulysses mob from Cranny every year except last year. (Did not aprove of the fighting)
    I am not a member of the ulysses or anything, I just like riding in with a large group.
    I like going to Williamstown (Old stamping grounds) but not if it is a Willy bike club support ride.
    Who do we give our gifts to if we don't like the setup? I might give my gifts locally in the Latrobe Valley run only and just go for a ride if the gifts or ride are being hijacked.
    Why can't MRAA, Netrider, UMC etc get together on this and get a footy ground or something else somewhere to go to? Maybe up north? Essendon/Broady etc.

    What do you think?

    What is everyone else doing?

  20. Re: Toy run support

    The willy club gets money from whatever you buy from their stands, the money goes to a charity
    after costs are taken out is what I have been told.

    The main charity for the toyrun gifts is the salvo's

    Nobody has hijacked anything , except some common sense in some areas , and maybe some christmas cheer for kids, by the W@#!kers that want to make points out of a charity run :)

    checkout www.toyrun.org.au for details of whats happeing in your area brian
    There are lots of clubs joiningg the main run and some not, There are also clubs around victoria and aust running toyruns.

    Cost is a major factor brian. as mickd pointed out in a previous post. Also it takes alot of work to organise. traffic, parking, rider safety, public safety.

    If you take the GP run for example, shire of casey reckon that costs them $65k all up
    not sure how accurate that is, and if it includes the hours spent for staff, filling in the forms etc for
    police vic rds etc etc etc.

    Willy is seen by alot of riders as a good destination and it has the facilities especially if it is warm, personally I think there needs to be more of the run where the public can view the procession.

    As to why the mraa and the vmu can't work together, personalities the next generation of riders to take over these organisations maybe able to get past this issue as the personalities will be old and decrepid and fade away into the background :)