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ToyRun 2003

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Guest, Nov 2, 2004.

  1. I thought the smith family had the toys last year ?

  2. Yes The Smith Family and APEX shared the distribution load. APEX managed to get toys through their network in country Victoria to the kids on the land. The Smith Family because of the huge numbers they deal with, distribute the toys the next year. They sort the toys and make "Toy Hampers" for the appropriate age/sex.
  3. Vic, that's pretty much exactly what I did last year. For me personally Bikes by the Bay beats the shit out of Fed Square as a venue. Last years bvenue was what, 1.5kms away from the start of the ride?

    Lucky we took the detour around the back of that construction site otherwise hardly would have been worth starting the bike.

    Call it what you will, as said above give me Willy any day over Fed Square. I'm of the opinion that Fed Square has taken the mantle of Melbourne's ugliest architecture away from the facade of RMIT but it's a close call.
  4. OMG gompie, did you really have a stand up fight with the Smith Family? I thought it was the mob from out east that did that with their false adverts. Did not the Smith Family CEO from Sydney clarify all that in writing? I seem to recollect that. Also the Fed Square venue was as a direct result of the fiasco in W/town was it not? Too little time to regroup, or something after the hijacking. Get your facts right Mick!
  5. Mick, that was teh best the organisers had to deal with after Maggs hijacked the toyrun. Not even I was impressed by the route.
    Im not disputing what looks better.

    My opinion of the final destination still stands.
  6. No that was Mr M cGomperts from all I heard who basically said he would refuse to hand over Toys to the Smith Family if they accepted Toys from another mob, that being the Cranbourne Ulysses mob.

    If he/she has then certinaly i'm not aware of it, would be "interesting to see siad letter" Would also be interesting to see whty Melbourne toys ended up in Sydney (eventually).

    Yes please DO get your facts right Watchdog. At one QGM all was fine and rosy and we were headed to Williamstown, next QGM we were heading to Werribee, then finally Fed Square, all 1.5kms away from the start line, and you wonder why things maybe fragmented? Perhaps it's because people last year never knew wtf they were going to end up.

    I distributed posters for last years toyrun and the question I got asked was where are we going too, when I replied Fed Square people then asked what hap[pened to Williamstown and then Werribee, answer to date is I still don't know.

    Have heard lots about why williamstown never worked out, maybe one day the truth will appear but wouldn't hold my breath waiting.
  7. Vic, no argument that that might have been the best you could do in the circumstances, whether the blame lies solely on Dale Maggs I would dispute simply because even marcel (Toyrun 27 organiser) couldn't give any idea where we were ending up until we did end up at Fed Square, it was a total screwup from day one.

    As does mine and this is a personal opinion only and again regardless of looks of the place. Give me a parkland with shade and bands in Williamstown any day rather than a concrete jungle with no shade, no trees and no atmosphere.
  8. Mick, problem was that the run was going to go to Werribee who put their hand up and were pleading with the organisers to take it there.
    At the last minute, and I do mean the last minute they pulled the pin because they thought that they would not be able to accomodate all the riders.

    With the stuff that the organisers had to work with and all the rug pulling from under their feet, it was a bloody miracle that there even was a toy run destination.
    They should be praised rather than shitcanned for a short run.
  9. I can second what Vic said....and what with Hobsons Bay council putting in last minute requests for things that, if were requested over a suitable time frame, would have made the Williamstown destination viable.
    Besides, it is not the destination that makes the ride, it is the giving of the gifts for underprivelged kids....you wanna go for a ride, go after you do the drop off....

  10. Col, whilst I can't confess to being completely in the know re the hassled with Hobsons bay et al, I certinaly believe that obstacles encountered last year were no different than obstacles encountered this year or two years ago yet were overcome then. Have heard much more but a lot of it is hearsay.

    Re your quote here.. Besides, it is not the destination that makes the ride, it is the giving of the gifts for underprivelged kids....you wanna go for a ride, go after you do the drop off....

    COuldn't agree more but a ride of some length is far nicer than a start your engines, head around the back of a constructyion site and then you're there, all of a 15 min ride if you did it slow is far better. Half the reason for the Toy Run is apart from giving gifts to the needy it's also to show that not all bikers are beer swilling, bearded fat pigs, that we have a human side too, taking the Toy Run around the back of a construction site achieves none of that.

    I actually did drop my toys off last year after giving back the empty bum bag that I sold the badges from back to John K. Went to Williamstown and had a great day.

    The bloke that organised Toy Run 27 screwed it up big time IMO.
  11. Hang on Mick, you tell us that you dont know what had happened with the Hobsons Bay council re the toy run but then you say that the person that organised it stuffed it up.

    Did you donate a toy? did your mate? did a few thousand others? did the charity receive gifts from riders?

    If you answer yes to all the above then I'd say the toy run was a success.

    Or is the toy run all about making Mickdundee happy with a long ride.

    I'd be happy to assemble in one spot, roll the bike forward 1 revolution of the wheels then donate my gifts rather than sit there pointing fingers at those who at least took the time to attempt to put on a toy run.

  12. Vic, I did donate a few things and yes so did many others so in that sense I agree the run achieved half of it's goals. Surely even you will admit Vic that one of the other reasons for the Toy Run's existence is to humanise us riders.

    Re Hobson's bay, I only know what was reported by Marcel at QGM's whch was we are going to Williamstown, next week it was Werribee etc.

    It has nothing to do with making Mickdundee happy with a long ride, heck if that was the case I wouldn't be particiapating this year either as I don't consider Williamstown a long ride, or a particularly scenic one. It's about giving Mr and Mrs Joe Public the chance to see charitable acts done by a community that has a much maligned reputation and trying to clear the mud from respective peoples eyes.
  13. Riders gathered!
    Riders rode!
    Toys were donated!
    Riders mingled and socialised!
    Riders received good media coverage for the day!

    looks to me as if all the aims of the Toy Run were met, so obviously the day did not meet the level that Mick expects. Hopefully this years Toy Run then will meet the great expectations of Mick Doedee!
  14. Brian, you can say what you will re last years Toy run, in my opinion it met one of it's goals and came absolutely nowhere near the other.

    Indeed I do hope that this years Toy Run achieves what I believe last years didn't. I also hope that we don't end up with a huge financial burden after this run like we did last year, but that's another story hey Brian.
  15. and what financial burden would that be Mick, there was no financial burden at all after last years Toy Run, but as you stated it's another story that you have altered to suit yourself and spread to take down the previous board with.
    The facts are in January/February the money was there to pay all bills, it was at the time reallocated to suit better needs at the time! Plus at the time Dale Maggs took on the debt with the intent of having another body cover the cost's as a donation to the MRA, which was then passed onto Derek and after that we got the Derek famous saying "I'm to busy" busy doing what i never did find out.
  16. blah, blah, blah, blah, blah :roll:

    Mick, you keep reminding us that in your opinion the ride wasnt good. FFS, the ride did acheive the objectives regardless of what you think. The ride ended at a destination where toys were donated and at a location that was, IMHO, one of the best to date as it was of a higher profile than most others.
    As I have stated in previous posts, other destinations fell through at the very last minute so the run ending up at Fed Square was the best the organisers could have hoped for. Further to that is the that most of the volunteer marshals that put their hands up didnt turn up on the day (but were at one of the last meetings at Ross St discussing the arrangements)

    Can we put this to rest and look forward to the next run? :p

  17. From the mouth of the membership secretary, and ya wonder why the MRA cannot get their shit together, un fcuking real :shock:
  18. So lemme see if I have this right Brian, in your time as president of the MRA the membership secretary uploaded the membership database to the internet and also to 2 personal computers of non board members, the treasurer failed to pay bills that we had the money for and the secretary did sfa...

    Is that it in a nutshell? Oh and of course the president was shit hot at his gig no doubt.
  19. Dazza, for what it's worth i'm also critical of this years Toy Run route and have voiced that opinion to Damien. My belief re the Toy Run is that it should at least do a fair run through the city just like other parades do, Anzac pde, Melbourne Cup etc. Having said that it's also financially bloody demanding to do so.

    Last year the MRA was left with a bill of some 10g just for a few bollards on St K road and a flashing sign on Citylink, that's not a criticism incidentally, mereley a fact. To have a parade down Swanston st as used to happen once upon a time would cost a fortune and the CoM and sponsors aren't willing to pat with the $ to do so, hence we have this route that starts at the arse end of the CBD and goes straight to Williamstown. Not to my liking but it is quick, easy and relatively safe.
  20. and after reading comments like that i can duly understand the current issues facing the MRAA today Mick.
    Lets see yes you did loose control of the MRAA Database, and unfortunately you dont seem to understand much of what has happened in recent months or either your just like that wonderfull President and you have no idea at all.

    Let me put it straight for you shall i, the resigning board left $X if the hands of Grace this money was earmarked for the Toyrun bills! you see here is the money left from Alex's reign to cover all 2003 Toy Run Bills!

    The Interim committee evaluated the bills at hand, the Toyrun bills from 2003 did not rate as highly as other bills from the time so therefore were defered to another point in time.

    Good old Dale came forward and took the 2003 Toyrun bills and stated he can get the Ulysses to cover the debt! To date Dale has failed in his task.

    You see Mick listen a little and you will learn, biatch moan and turn words around just make you look like an idiot! And secondly before crappin your way further as a so called 2003 expert for which you are not please research and get your facts correct before you pass your thoughts on. So far very little in regards to the 2003 Toyrun that you have stated is correct.