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toyota tarago hit my bike then attempted drive-off

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by nicko18, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. Yeah, so last night I was just about to take the bike to get some chinee takeaway when i hear this massive *crunch*.

    I look out the door and see this tarago attempting a 3 point turn and its rear is right where I parked my bike and my bike is now on the floor. Then I notice the van is still trying to make the turn so I race out there mobile phone camera in hand and stand in front of the vehicle to prevent it escaping.

    I confront the woman asking her 'do you know you just hit my bike?'. She denies knowing she hit anything (later her story changes to how she thought she hit a tree or something... I asked her was she planning to get out and inspect what she hit, she said 'of course') so I ask for her drivers licence.

    Anyways.. turns out she hasn't got a licence and feeds me some story about how her bf will kill her if he finds out she crashed, so could I either turn a blind eye, or just say her bf was driving the vehicle.

    We both inspect the damage of the bike in the pitch black. It's an old Honda CB250 so it's not in the best nick anyways, but there are definitely a few new scratches particularly on the engine housing, left clutch and pegs etc but doesn't look too major (the kicker was that in this womans 'expert opinion' they look like scrapes inconsistent with the bike falling over.. HA!). Took me about 15 mins to get the bike going though.

    So at the end of the day, I just think there's a few minor cosmetic injuries to the bike, I guess i'm more pissed off that this woman tried to drive off when she knew she was involved in an accident. All I have of this womans details are her phone number and the license plate of the van (and a few photos of the scene).

  2. Its all lies concerning the BF

    dont let her get you with womans crocodile tears

    get stuck into her from every legal aspect you can --- believe me if the roles were reversed she would do it to you
  3. Ouch that's not good - is, anything broken? Scary about the no, license - sounds like she intends to keep driving too :v
  4. yeah i'm still tossing up what I should do...

    I'm just about to take a look at it in the light of day, it's very annoying that there are now scratches all over the engine housing.

    The bike isn't insured or anything. Should I let the police know what happened? It will get tricky with who pays, and probably fixing the damage will cost more than what that bike is worth!
  5. Yes be carefull she could be spinning a yarn, a similar thing happened to my partner where the girl kept coming up with sob stories that ended up with her doing a runner.
    Some people are consummate liars.

  6. Make her pay

    report to the police - it is after all a road accident

    keep a copy of the report

    get prices for the repairs

    if she doesnt pay repairs voluntarily then take her to small claims

    I hope you have some sort of ID from her - otherwise rego of the Tarago is a good start

    explain fully to police what happened - and that you have concerns as to the truthfullness of her identity

    Sounds like she thinks she can get off scott free by using the "pussy pass" just because she has a vagina
  7. In my experience I'd say your proper fucked right now - you'll never get a cent out of her and with none of her actual details and considering the van is likely not registered to her the cops will do SFA.
  8. Everything what Takamii said above. Do not allow your emotions to influence your decision-making process. She is at fault, and she must pay.

    Also, did you verify if the mobile number is indeed hers?
  9. Well, in the light of day i'm surprised to find there's not much damage at all. Luckily the handlebars fell on the grass and the engine housing took the brunt of the force. There's not a single scratch to the paint.


    I'm probably just being an asshole worrying about these scratches on an oldish bike...
  10. Not in the least. Additionally, get it looked over by a mechanic to ensure there's no mechanical damage.
  11. yeah I did. She also claims to live at the house across the road from me (which is probably true, I never see these people), but no - she had no id on her at the time. I basically said i'll either call her or knock on her door should I need to proceed further.

    funny thing is.. she said she prefers if I call, cos she doesn't want me knocking on the front door and her bf finding out she crashed!
  12. I'd would agree & add it's most likely not worth while to chase it.

    Sure, you could pursue her for costs yada yada yada, but seriously, is it worth it for a 15 yo learner/commuter bike?

    How much is your time worth?

    Sure, it sucks she tried to do a runner but some people are scum & she will most likely be better at lying & conniving to get out of paying than you will be at extracting money & truth from her.

    Unless you're well versed in Bamboo torture methods...
  13. Do what is needed, and ensure the relevant authorities and insurance are notified.

    Too bad about her boyfriend finding out. Her domestic problems [if they even exist] are not your concern.
  14. This is my main line of thinking.

    A couple scratches on an el cheapo bike, would inconvenience me as much as it would her to do anything about it.

    The only thing I might have done differently (or is this going WAY overboard), is to notify the police as soon as she failed to produce any ID. As I say at that stage I didn't know what damage my bike had sustained. That would have truly ****ed her up though, but neither should she be on the road.

    lucky for me my helmet wasn't attached to the bike like it normally is. There's no way i'd trust the helmet if the bike fell on it like that.
  15. This is the bit that worries me - from what you have said she is actually unlicensed? She's obviously inept, and she lives near you so I'd imagine you's prefer her not to be driving. That said, you cant really depend on the authorities to stop her regardless, and you cant be home all the time to keep an eye on your stuff if things do get unpleasant.

    Bugger of a situation, but at least the bike seems ok?


  16. At the very least go and file a Police report now. By law the women in the Tarago should have done so herself (since property damage was involved), though I'm willing to bet she didn't.

    It may not be the first time they've done something like this, but if they keep getting away with it then it more than likely won't be the last. Just think how pissed you'd be if you'd replaced the CB with something nice, and they'd hit that instead. By the sounds of it I doubt a more expensive bike would have made any difference to them.
  17. well said my good man

  18. Listen to this man, good reaction non the less, when I saw it was a cibby twofiddy, I thought oh well just a few scratches, bloody things are indestuctable! sucks to hear her try and take off though!
  19. I would at least make a report about it before she makes a false allegation against you.
  20. I agree, don't worry about recovering costs for, or even doing a repair.

    But report the unlicenced driver to the Police. She tried to do a runner, and lied about all sorts of stuff to avoid identification. You should have taken a picture of her as well as the vehicle, situation, and your bike. I'm sure she had a credit card she could have shown you to confirm her name. At least then she could be positively identified.

    If you don't want to do that, in case you are concerned about what the "neighbour" may do, then knock on the door and ask her for $500 cash to cover the reduced resale value and you will forget about it, and her unlicenced state, or you will be forced to report it. Nasty, but simple. She will then be more careful in future. Or she will run faster and be sneakier. Also, if you knock on the door, you can confirm her address, in case of future problems.