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toyota hilux

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by _joel_, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. so mostly i'm just bragging here, BUT....
    work just gave me my new company car! :grin:

    an '07 3.0 TDI dual cab Hilux.
    very pleased with its get-up-and-go compared to the rodeo, and has many more car-like features which will make doin' the miles much more comfy.

    anyone got one? know of any issues? etc....
    i'll whack around 100k on it in the first year and drive fairly hard (ave. 2k a week) so wanting to know any little surprises that may arise :)
  2. I do abouy 50,000k per year in mine and it's the best thing the Gvt could have given me :grin: :grin: Just be careful you WILL get booked! and they're much better with 10,000 on the clock. I removed the side skirts and put them away for when its sent back. 1000% better than the old 2.8D and they will out pull a landcruiser Tray.


    EDIT: Crappy under back seat storage!
  3. i know! i was doing 120 on the mad mile, and it honestly felt like 100 and thats in 4th at 3k revs :shock:

    dodged a double demerit bullet there!
  4. Well.....I'm jealous!!! :p :evil: :wink:

    Lucky boy!
  5. [​IMG]

    I gotta get into road construction!

    Hey, years ago I did a one-day course in Traffic Control? [​IMG]

    No more using ya own car eh! & if you get a fuel card, no more paying
    petrol for ya bike as well. :grin:

    When you fill up the Hilux, fill up the 20L jerry can in the back as well. [​IMG]

    Ya larfin boy! [​IMG]
  6. i havent paid for fuel for 3 years, couldnt even guess th cost/L ;)

    this is just my upgrade from the crap RA Rodeo
  7. i miss my old dessil hulix... especially the flashing light. that just made the car. i did a quite a few trips on the feul card.

    nice work joel
  8. we worked on a closed runway this week, so i got a chance to max her out.

    180 km/h and then i ran out of runway :shock: :shock:

    these little babies go HARD!
  9. LOL you tested it on the runway, that is classic, what did air traffic control say? Did they think you almost had lift off? :p