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toyota camry's are the new volvo...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by evelknievel75, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. i swear they are, i have nearly been taken out twice by them recently in the last month....they have achieved that mystical terror of mind inspiring quality I once reserved for solely for volvos..

    anyone else agree? :LOL:

  2. Yeah, they do seem to somehow attract the clueless and oblivious.

    (PS 'camrys')
  3. I consider Subarus to be the new Volvo (mostly driven by old men in hats).
    Camrys have always been bad, since they're bland vehicles usually bought by people who don't care about cars (or driving).
  4. Hyundai Excel drivers are my own personal nemesises... nemisees.. uhh.. people that have tried to ruin my driving pleasure for the last ten years.

    If they aren't driving around with that godforsaken FOG LIGHT blinding everyone behind them regardless of weather conditions, they're:

    .... actually, I was going to write out the list, but I'd be here all night. It's a long and bloody list of torture, though, filled with crashed cars, inconsiderate behaviour and near-misses. :?
  5. toyota sells more cars than anyone else. That, and the fact as noted above about them being purchased by people who view transport the same way they view whitegoods, and what do you expect?
  6. Honda Accords are the new Volvos.
    Actually, Volvos are still the new Volvo's... :LOL:
    Still driven by d1ckheads
  7. I definitely agree with Subarus of the wagon variety being somewhat dangerous. Camry's. well, some good, some bad.
    I wonder if it is the pathetic vision afforded by teh huge C pillar that makes Canry's so dangerous?

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. Yup.

    Camry. The geriatric weapon of choice.
  9. Holden Astras, but yes, any "brand" that might as well be a fridge or a TV. I won't use the word marque, 'cos the owners wouldn't.
  10. I'm glad it's not just me that's noticed this.

    Is this because of the excellent headroom afforded by many Soobs? :grin:
  11. 100% agree yes. :evil: Can spot them a mile away, and invariably older generation and of Asian heritage. And no, before you start :furious: it aint racist, I have Asian friends, its merely an observation and been my personal experience.
    My reasoning says they drove that way in China, with its chaotic traffic and they drive same here. There sh*t drivers, as a blatant generalisation, and its also a pet peeve. :evil:

    Oh and btw, I drive a subaru wagon and love it to pieces-old style L series though, my 2nd one.
  12. Subys...foresters definitely! I have been calling them that for the last few years...

    Its rather odd that certain demographics flock to certain cars huh... well not odd... I'm sure their marketing teams count on it... I just didn't think there was a "blind, old, clueless and crap driver demographic" ... Well not officially... I guess they are just called retirees.

    Ahh I love stereotypes... me I fit nicely into the damn hooligan category.
  13. :WStupid:

    Especially those being driven by drivers who think they'd have half a chance in the WRC :roll:
  14. hmm so im not the only one with camry problems...
    they seem to attract the cognatively retarded,atleast in my area.
  15. +1 on both accounts.
  16. Yep, i've been saying this for many years, Camry drivers are generally sh*thouse. Corolla drivers too (perhaps to a lesser extent). They may never have had an accident, but they will be the sort of drivers that are woefully out of their depth on any road with corners. They are the sort of drivers that sit in the overtaking lane of the freeway doing 95-100 when everyone else wants to do 110. If you are driving/riding on a narrow road in the countryside and come across a column of cars being held up by someone doing 20 below the speed limit it is almost guaranteed to be a Camry. I can sorta understand why people buy them (reliable, predictable, not everyone cares about cars or driving) but jeez i hate them. If you wanted that sort of car in a new car wouldn't you just spend a little extra and get a mazda 6, honda accord, honda accord euro? They're not everyones taste, but at least there is a little bit of design flair in them. Grr rant over :grin:

    ps its funny how a lot of people are saying Subaru drivers are the new 'Volvo' drivers, i've read this a number of times from different sources too!
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  17. We have one. The private plate is "Shiva". We try to deal out death and destruction to all bikers on our way to Coles. My mother-in-law also has one. Her private plate is "Ragnorak". She hopes to hasten the end of the world in a pitiless onslaught upon all that go upon two wheels.

    Camries surely?
  18. in order:

    1) Those goddamn Lexus 4wd's (rx330's i believe) - are always trying to kill me.
    2) Camry's
    3) Random ute drivers who when stopped at an intersection - and are turning right. Decide to floor it to turn right before the other side gets started.. (and nearly lose the back into the people waiting at the lights..

  19. I couldn't believe it when a work associate of mine told me that his Sub Forester cost over $1,000 for a major service :shock:.
  20. Yep, Camrys. Been saying so for some years.
    Although I will add that large 4WDs of any origin seem to be after my blood since I bought the KTM. Already had one of 'em plow into a parked car in a deliberate effort to crush me. Fat chance :LOL: