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toy runs .....charity or gang related activity ??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RUMPYTRUMPY, Dec 4, 2005.

  1. A friend of mine recently started a bike riders social group and we thought it would be fun... along with a good excuse to go for a ride... to start our own toy run , he made some enquiries with our local council and some of the local charities , then a few days later he is called by the organiser of a pre existing toy run (which we didnt know existed) threatening him and telling him they know who he is and what he rides and warning him to stay away from toy runs and that they have the only to run in town .....how ridiculous is that ?? so much for looking after the kids interests and so much for charity :shock:

  2. hahahahhahahaaa :LOL: pity the fool who tries to steal some of the glory :LOL:
  3. yeah and the poor unsuspecting bugger who upsets a H.O.G :wink:
  4. you should know better, next time you think of doing something nice, make sure NO-ONE else is doing something similarly nice. theres nothing worse than a glory theif :evil:

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  5. More so than a H.O.G, probably a patch club of some sorts, sounds like a 1%ter to me. The MRA organise the main one here in Melbourne but if someone wants to start another, we're not going to come down on you by any means.

    There already are in existance other Toy Runs apart from the one we run anyways, all for charity and can't give too much to kids.
  6. :LOL: That would just make me wanna do it more...

    Just use that call as motivation to make your thing bigger and better!

    I mean what are they a group of 50+ harley riders who like to make threatening phone calls :? Tell em to bring it on :wink:
  7. we ARE gonna do it bigger and EARLIER next year

    The group in question was just your regular harley owners group , no patches just plenty of open face helmet wearing , overweight , middle aged cruiser types who wish they had patches .... you know the type that never waves back ? .....and we are planning running another one next year BIGGER AND BETTER .... (and a week earlier than theirs) hehehehe competition when it comes to charity can only be a healthy thing .... we will give em a run for their barbie dolls
  8. Glory who? The toys are used to smuggle coke and smack :roll:
  9. PMSL ...and the only dolls they carry are usually put to work in the brothels they conveniently have shares in
  10. Re: we ARE gonna do it bigger and EARLIER next year

    there full of piss and wind , they are only trying to look after there own intrests , but I would approach the president of that HOG chapter or weekend get together or pissing carnival, what ever they call it .
    and tell them that a polite call and discussing the issues would have been more appropriate , but now that you have been threatened by some moron from there group that would only give you ammunition to orginise something .
    Or they can help by supporting a poker run or ride day and money raised goes to the local hospital or charity and the HOG club can put in a presance.

    as mick said , i would be worried if it was a 1% or MC.
    but not the HOG club, soon you will have the salvo's pushing you around.
  11. we all just found it really funny...funniest thing was it WAS the president of the H.O.G who made the threat .... looks like theres gonna be a social bike club gang war , i just hope its us who gets the salvos on our side coz theyre a mean bunch ... well meaner than any H.O.G ive ever seen
  12. Pfft, I'll get the DBA boys together and we'll stuff their christmas stockings with 'toys'.

    "All The Way With The DBA!"
  13. Re: we ARE gonna do it bigger and EARLIER next year

    Well they ARE an army Glen and i'm sure some of those tambourines pack a punch too :D
  14. It was a pretty stupid reaction from the existing organisers. ALthough in a small town there probably isn't room for two runs. What it shows is that their run is pretty baldy organised and is probably run as an ego thing for their group especially if in a place the size of Coffs Harbour, (that's where you say you're from) every motorcyclist for 100k around doesn't know about it! :roll:
  15. Rumpy whatever bait you are using is working well.
    What brand of berley is it?
    so many bites with your posts.
    Keep it up it's mildly amusing.
  16. why thank you , i do try :wink: and will take the posting as a compliment , seeing as how it comes from such a prolific experienced and esteemed net rider poster as yourself :LOL:
  17. Call in the Grey Army !
  18. Was meant totally as a compliment.
  19. I bet it was the same people that run www.bald.com.au :D:D:D:D:D
  20. Why do the little people always have a go at the 1% clubs before they know the details?