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Toxoplasmosis - increased risk taking, higher accident propensity

Discussion in 'Research, Studies, and Data' started by the_blacke, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. Toxoplasmosis made slashdot today because of a statistically significant increase in suidide risk under certain circumstances.

    What caught my interest was a previous study showing a link between car accidents and people infected with this virus: http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2334/9/72

    Which then prompted me to wonder, has anybody done a study on motorcyclists carrying this virus and their accident history? And the reason I'm posting this question here...

    If someone in Australia was to do a study on a relationship between toxo and motorcycle accidents, would you be willing to participate? (This is not asking for volunteers, just testing whether the riding community is interested in giving blood & crash history for a study like this.)
  2. if it were to happen i'd be up for getting stabbed

    all in the name of science right??
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  4. Is this that mad cat brain disease?

  5. Yeah, been strongly linked to suicide as well as lowering risk inhibitions.
  6. Also known as 'beer'
  7. so where do i get tested for this
  8. Mad cat brain disease? I might be in trouble!
  9. Only if you break out in spots.
  10. Just stop playing with cat poo and you'll be fine :)
  11. I'm up for this.
  12. Damage has already been done
  13. I did warn you...
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  14. I've tried, but my young kelpie/doberman cross continues to believe that the litter tray is a lucky dip with toffees for prizes and insists on proving how clever he is by depositing his (thoroughly chewed) finds on my bed :sick:.
  15. OK so the summary is that yes, motorcyclists would be very interested in knowing where and when such tests would be conducted so they can turn up to point and laugh at the poor little suckers who play with cat poo all day long :)

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    Ahhh yes cat cookies. My old dog used to eat them. I don't think I ever had the clean the litter tray while he was around.