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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by wingman, Mar 4, 2005.

  1. Well i made it to perth it seems my trip i did from melb to townsville has gone from here?/ :( therefor i dont think ill bother with the details from tsv to nt / broome / perth although doing this trip around aussie on my own is a bit boring although i make up for it at the nite clubs :p cheers all steve

  2. i take it you rode? :?
    what do you ride?
    how long did you take?

    more detail please :!: :D (I never saw the original post)
  3. yes I rode st 1100 to the surprise of my sore butt the worse part was just short of syd when i got caught in the storm dry riders didnt work in that one i was soaked 110klm speed limit on the m3 and i was was down to 20klm blind as a bat due to rain and bang i was off my bike on the m3 // trust me dont fall off your bike in syd NO ONE will stop and help you the rain followed me all the way to newcastle then after that sun all the way syd/newcastle/twb/rocky/tsv took me 6days to get to tsv stayed 4 days there// and arrived in perth thurs 3 weeks here then off to adl / think i saw a total of 9 radar cars but no tickets yahoo bloody fuel here is $1.10 though gggrrr
  4. Feel free to use punctuation.
  5. deyago hi there`s I hope this is enough punctuation for you !:;,./".??
    dont have to worry i wont be putting any more info on net riders anymore cheers
  6. I have heard disturbing stories of the black flies in Australia. How bad are they? which areas are the worse? What timeof the year are they most prevelant?
    Thanks al
  7. Awesome effort there mate - I'd love to know the exact route you took (which highways, etc).
  8. never mind deyago the grumpy bastard :p

    where will you be posting your ride reports etc i would love to have a read mate?
  9. Must have been one hell of a ride, good to know your still out there, Steve
    A fairly idiot car free run away from civilisation?
    Keep the shiny side up :D :D
  10. HWY without looking at the map, I went melb to syd, on hwy 1. sorta got lost in syd and ended up going back to melb somehow 67ks out of my way dont trust syd sign posts and in that pouring rain syd had, forced to stay in syd overnite, then short trip to newcastle, that place has changed a lot good place for a holiday great beaches and hand gliding. Then off to toowomba QLD thats a long ride around 9hrs.(thank god for my cd player) then off to mandubbra overnite 3hr trip. then off to rocky overnite then rocky to townsville for aweek.now i`m in perth 33deg today beach time rest to follow cheers all steve