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Townsville to Coonabarabran via Emerald

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Kezza53, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. Two weeks countdown till I leave on my 'Big Ride' from Townsville to Melbourne. I have been planning this for a couple of years now and it is actually happening. Thanks partly to 'you lot' in the past being encouraging I will make Emerald my first overnight stop, the onto St George and then to Coonabarabran. After that if I am still in the mood I will continue on to call in on distant relies and friends. I reckon if I make it to Coona I will make the rest of the trip no worries. The alternative will be 'sell the bike and catch a bus home' but I really don't want to do that! When I finish the trip I will have clocked up 6000 plus k's. Some well meaning dream buster asked me if I had any experience...I said not much, but ask me in a couple of months the same question!! [-X Probably could have picked a better time to go ...dead hot summer...but then freezing your arse off down south sucks too. She'll be right! If your not living on the edge your taking up too much space, hey! :LOL:

  2. Not to cold down here in Melbourne. We've been having 42 degrees!!

    Mind you it could always change tomorrow!!!

    Sounds like a great trip. Looking forward to the write up. If Davo (Farrider Man) finds out you are doing I am sure he will recommend no more than 4 stops to do it in!!!

    Enjoy the ride.

  3. eh whats that you saying :LOL:

    Sounds like a well thought out trip Kezza and I wish you well with it. btw its been pissing down here for almost two weeks and wet out Coona area as well. I came through there coming back from Perth a couple of weeks ago and it started just after I went through.

    Easy steps, bit by bit you will be fine. To that person who questioned your experience, poo on them, world needs more dreamers and doers.
  4. Thanks Guys. I figured if is raining now the chances are it may not be in two weeks! No science in that just some wishful thinking About the weather in Melbourne I thought it changed every hour!
    While I was thumbing through the threads I came accross the Nullibor trip. I am thinking I can do that too! September you say? Sounds good to me...and I will wait till it rains. I love flowers
  5. Kezza not sure what Nullarbor trip you saw but this would be the go for someone who has always wanted but never done it plus raise money for a good cause. http://www.thelongride.org
  6. And here I am planning a Long Ride now..before I even get the 'big ride' started! I was telling a friend of mine about the trip to Perth and she said her cousin has done it and is planning another so maybe I just might do it. What a year...!
  7. good luck with it.

    been thinking about a cooling vest thingy for hot trips.


    might make your trip bearable?

    I've got one of those shirts that wick the moisture away from your body and they do make a difference in the heat.
  8. aah!!! Kezza!!! This is fantastic!! :grin: :grin:

    If you get to Melb...please let me know as I'd love to catch up with you. :)

    Have an absolute Goddamn blast....I know you will! So happy for you :)