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Town introduces 'female' parking spots

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by grange, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. The mayor of a German town has sparked controversy by introducing special “easy” parking spots for women.

    Mayor Gallus Strobel, from the Black Forest town of Triberg, told Germany’s Spiegel magazine he introduced the spots because men were better at parking than women.

    The women’s spaces, which are marked by female symbols, are reportedly better lit and wider, while the men-only spots have concrete pillars to negotiate and can only be reversed into.

    Strobel told the magazine that women were welcome to attempt parking in the men-only spots, but that “men are, as a rule, a little better at such challenges”. He denied accusations of sexism, pointing out that there were 10 women-only spots in the carpark compared to only two men-only spots.

    He said he hadn’t noticed a big backlash against the scheme, but had been surprised by the level of interest from international media, which he said was good for local toursim.

    "Women can come here and prove me wrong, and while they're at it they can see the town's attractions," he told the magazine.

    Triberg is not the first place to introduce women’s parking zones. A car park in the Chinese city of Tianjin China recently introduced a women-only parking zone. The area is marked with a pink paint scheme and includes wider spots, brighter lighting and additional guide rails.

    Recent research has thrown up different results on the question of which is the fairer sex behind the wheel.

    In January, a UK study found that women were better parkers because they were more careful and took more time to park accurately.

    But a more recent study by the UK's Department for Transportation's Driving Standards Agency found that females are more likely to fail a driving test than males because they tend to have issues reverse parking.


  2. Well at least it will give a car park stalker a bit of certainty rather than hiding next to a car that may turn out to be a mans.
  3. It may be sexist but it's true, more than a few times i've had to park cars for girls, something about men having better perception of dimensions or something like that. Better ability to visualise space
  4. I'd say as a general rule, something factual or accurate isn't anything 'ist.
  5. Welll, I guess that depends on your definition of sexism. Is it based entirely on being against a gender or does it exclusively include false statements? I don't consider it requires a statement to be untrue to be sexism. To each their own I suppose
  6. I would call it similar to the idea of defamation requiring a false statement. While misogyny can be a factor, a statement about females does not support a response claiming as such.
  7. Its a generalisation based on gender and therefore defined as sexism. Being a generalisation it's not completely accurate. I've encountered men who are sadly lacking in these types of skills themselves (namely watching them try to unsuccessfully back my horsefloat down the driveway before they shamefacedly hopped out and let me do it). And yes I've also seen women who are terrible at it.

    The fact is when you cast a gender stereotype, you run the risk of interfering with intellectual performance of that gender (both men and women). Those of you who have children, please don't do this; as funny as you may think it at the time.
  8. Yet to meet an intelligent, blonde female hairdresser!! (& I've shared with 3 of them!! :rofl:)
    Not saying their not out there.
  9. Shall I find one for you dear? ;-)
  10. If you wouldn't mind,,,as long as she's a babe :demon:
  11. I bet these "female" parking places are where its always wet.
  12. Oh, I thought intellect was priority! Silly me :grin::
  13. yes,, silly you! ;)
  14. Reesa, I can park any vehicle I'm licensed for, but I'll freely admit I absolutely suck at reversing with trailers/yourhorsefloatthingy/etc. I didn't mean to support unfair generalities, just funny that I know girls like these parking spots are designed for
  15. I often wonder whether articles like this are inserted at random by editors, to see if anyone actually reads the articles, rather than just look st the pictures.

    Ie they are a fabrication? If anyone gets their knickers in a knot, the newspaper staff gather round on a friday night and have a chuckle?

    Just a theory.
  16. Local Westfield has Geriatric parking spots, funny looking at the crooked park the old farts do in those.
  17. #17 Reesa, Jul 13, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 24, 2015
    I don't doubt for a minute that you know some, or that women are typically worse, just look at some of them trying to handle 4wd's. Largely cause somewhere along the way, we decided a silly giggle and batting the eyelashes would get someone else to take care of the problem. Trust me, women are largely responsible for their own stereotypes.

    Perpetuating a gender generalisation by creating bigger carparks does nothing to educate them on how to park properly.
    As for the girls you know - don't give in to them! Get them to do it or they'll never learn :)