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Towing a bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Maccarossi, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Just after a bit of advice, I am going away next week for a little while and want to take the bike with me so i can ride it around when I go.

    I have an 8x5 caged trailer and access to tie down straps but was wondering if the trailer will be ok to have the bike on? Trip will be a few 100k's but the main thing i am worried about is having no bracket at the front for the front wheel? Will it be ok without it? Cheers :)
  2. Place bike on sidestand, in gear.
    Lots of tiedowns to keep it secure

  3. I've towed bikes in trailers all the way around australia, never left one in gear or had it on the sidestand. My view is that the bike isnt designed to cope with the added vibration trasmitted through the sidestand to the frame. If I'm using a box trailer, I'll angle the bike so the front wheel is in the corner and held steady, tie downs on the lower triple clamp, pulling forward but to each side so the bike is locked into the corner. Tie the rear wheel in place. I dont usually tie the frame at the back. I leave the bike in neutral. If its in gear and starts to rock around, the gear teeth bashing together over time can cause transmission damage.
    If the cage on your trailer is like mine and only held down by its weight and the dodgy tight fitting brackets, make sure the bike is strapped to the trailer body, not the cage..
    If youre only going a couple of hundred Km's, stop every hour and check everything's being nice..
  4. Why don't you ride the bike and have someone else drive the car?
  5. Thanks for the advice guys :)

    I'll be myself so if someone takes my car they are kinda going to be stuck 300kms from home, don't wanna put anyone in that position so will trailer it :)