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VIC Towards Zero survey

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by twistngo, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. The dopey buggers are pushing this again and have an on line survey


    May I encourage you to do it? Its not too bad for us. They do seem to want to drop speed limits on narrow twisty roads though. You access it through the feedback form link on the page.
    Seems you can only do this one once from an IP address.

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  2. Ultimately the only zero they will settle for is km/h
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  3. Thanks for the heads up Twistngo.
  4. Not sure how my choice to wear motorcycle gear makes any difference on the road safety of other road users.
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  5. No I gave them a serve on that in the text feedback section.
  6. They worded the questions strange. A lot of personal safety issues are asked in a "making our roads safer" kind of way.
    "How important is motorcycle gear in making our roads safer?"
    "How important are seat belts in making our roads safer?"

    I think what they're really trying to ask is "how important is X in lowering the road toll?"
  7. Done. I got a bit cranky towards the end and may have said so in the feedback section.
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  8. At the very last minute yesterday, I decided to register and attend the Towards Zero Consultation forum at Melbourne Town hall last night. In retrospect, I'm very glad I went.

    To my great surprise there were many motorcycle riders there. The night was broken up into Introduction by Minister, Head of Vic Roads, Police Traffic Comm, and two other panel members. Then they opened the floor up to questions. In all six questions were put. The first three were made by motorcycle riders. First was in relation to the way the Law treat motorcycles more like cars that other vulnerable road users and pointed out how the need to separate cars and motorcycles, the second was along the same lines and raised points about how motorcycles could be allowed to use other road space - like bus and bicycle lanes. The third was about the Helmet anomalies.

    Finally, the tables which we were all seated around were dived into three areas where we discussed, with a facilitator and scribe the subjects How Safer Roads and Speeds, Safer Road users and Safer Vehicles. 20 minutes was allocated to discuss, and then tables rotated so at the end of the night everyone got to have input into all three areas.

    Its not too late to register for and attend the others - the next is in Werribbe tonight
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  9. The sense of deja vu is strong here....
    Being an older person, the passing of time can be seen as a wonderful thing...

    How many times is TAC, Victoads, plod et all going to go through the same BULLSHIT farce of endless meetings, discussion groups, 'consultations' et all ?

    The fcukers in control know that they are only doing this to appease the noisy minority and after they have finished with the fluffy feel good shit they will again ream us all up the arse with their predetermined, pigheaded, revenue raising, we know best, attitude and behaviours.

    The biggest attitude adjustment needs to come from the fcukers in control...they have to actually want to change the way they do things.

    just my 2 cents....thanks for the opportunity to vent ...grumpy ol man
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  10. I have to say it again, the more oxygen you give them the more harm they will do. Don't for one minute think that you are going to change their views. They are just looking for better ways of changing yours.
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  11. Also gave them a hammering as-well, you can predict how they are going to use these questions.
    Importance of motorcycle clothing = Mandatory xyz!

    Pushed the point that the responsibility and control should be with the driver/rider with the government providing education and tools, not dictating people how to maintain speeds to the km/h.
  12. You know something? I went there thinking exactly that point.

    But, what I realised (after it was all over) was that I could actually have a face to face with all of them. I even got to speak to Comm Robert Hill - and he was vey attentive. Same with everyone else there. Many people saw my leathers and came over to speak to me. There was a lot of interest generated about our plight. Why? because we were there......
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  13. Oh well kiss filtering goodbye then...........
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  14. No Smee, AC Hill is a filtering supporter - so long as there is an enforceable framework.

    If you don't go to one of these consultations at least do the survey and give them buckets and bouquets as required.

    I gave them a serve over misrepresenting protective gear as well and other things... mine was effectively a dissertation in each free text field, lol. I gave them a bouquet that at least THIS road strategy didn't seem to have a laundry list of agenda driven items with a travesty of a push polling survey to support it.

    By the way, they've completely missed anything to do with off road riding/rider safety. Almost every track is a designated road. This is a major oversight.
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  15. #15 jdkarmch, Jun 3, 2015
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 4, 2015
    You should have been there Smee. Comm Bob Hill, as I gave him a copy of the Berkley Study, said "Its going to happen."

    So you are wrong - again:finger:

    My remark to AC Hill was that when Filtering comes in, the cops must become educators, just like CHP and UK Cops. I encouraged him to look to their Guidance Notes and general education styles.
  16. I'm in NSW but I'm liking this availability given to you for discussion......
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  17. Cops educate via infringements. This is an indictment on the Australian police culture, more so because police solo riders are very very capable riders who'd have a lot to share.

    What I experienced in the UK getting my diploma was eye opening. Over there the bike cops genuinely engage the motorcycle community, run advanced riding courses, group rides and are seen as part of the scene. They will come to biker nights and are welcomed. Over there the riders cop it sweet when caught pulling the piss and stretching the legal friendship. It's a different universe.

    Good on you for suggesting it to AC Hill though.
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  18. Ws a tongue in cheek comment :p
  19. I did the survey and gave them a spray in the appropriate areas.
    Was just having a light hearted dig at JDK
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  20. Yes - Codognotto was there. The one banned from that VicRoads group... heh heh
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