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Tow truck woes

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by lotus7, May 2, 2011.

  1. Car pulled out of side street in an 80 zone, nearly stopped in time.. Nearly. Damage mostly cosmetic.. Unfortunately coolant is gone so now trying to find a way home.. Bike assist say can't help- accident. Accident allocation sent a flat bed with no gear for a bike - the trip on it's side would do significantly more damage - no surprise the driver refused the job.. Apparently the accident allocation guys don't have any vehicles geared for transporting bikes. Time to try and find an independent! Getting damn cold now :( any tips welcome.. Burwood east area.

  2. motorcycle towing melbourne (03) 9017 2990
    action motorcycle towing 0400 351 429

    keep in mind i'm a fair few hours drive away so these might not be close enough for you
  3. Found an independent, back to waiting.. And thinking of plastic to carbon upgrades (glass half full right) this accident allocation thing sucks for minor bike stuff.
  4. All went to poo - accident allocation sent another truck by mistake and started a turfware; threats of $10k fines to new truck, threats of $2.5k fine for me (wtf!) which they all thought I should just take court... what a joke.

    Short term solution - walked off with bike and left them to their crap - none of them get the job. Got home 4 hours late, sans bike.

    So, now I still need to find a way to pickup the bike... given all the $hit i'd rather rent a trailer and diy - if there are bike trailers available for rent somewhere... time for google.
  5. Top of page, bike movers,
  6. Sorry to hear you had such a shitty day, Andrew. Let us know how this progresses.
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    Sorry to hear all this crap. Which insurer are you with? Do they not aware the policy is for a bike and therefore send a bike recovery van, a bike tow truck, or a flatbed with bike gears?

    Is it a heavy bike? Do you have access to a van or ute? Actually if you are going to get it fixed, the workshop can organise towing.
  8. that's lame as! i'd be lodging a complaint - if they insure bikes but don't have vehicles for bikes, then what the hell is the point!?!?

    hope you get it sorted out soon hun!
  9. from memory when I needed a tow after an accident I contacted my insurer and they had a contractor. Doesn't help of a night time but handy to know for others in future.
  10. +1. Most insurers in Melb (I'm with IMR) usually use Melbourne Motorcycle Fairings as the repairer. You can drop a line to 9399 3344 and ask for Rod. They do a pretty good job when it comes to pick-up and drop-off for repairs (at no charge to you if you've got full comp).
  11. The problem is that in Vic as soon as it is an "accident" you have no right to choose who tows your vehicle - it is legislated that you must go through the "accident allocation group" so that they can share the work out to the tow trucks (only the ones with a license plate with TOW can get these jobs).

    The problem I had was after calling the 'service' line for BMW they (correctly) passed me on to the AAG, who sent a truck that wouldn't take bikes (no equipment). When I called AAG again they said they couldn't provide a truck which wouldn't require the bike to be lain down on its side on a flat bed... WTF. So they said told me to call back BMW and that it would be ok for me to get an independant tow, gave me their details and job no.

    BMW then said still can't do it, however will call someone else who should call me back in 5 minutes. 30 minutes later no call, so I called a mate and got him to google some independant operators - getting pretty cold at this point. Call one and they agree to come pick up after being given details of AAG cancellation reference. Before they arrive, another tow operator pulls up - sent by... AAG!

    Suffice it to say that in the end I was left on the side of the road with no tow, so I called a mate and wheeled the bike a few km to his place and left it there.

    Looks like I can rent a trailer down burwood hwy - I don't see any reason to support the tow industry any further at this point.

    Already started to scope out parts required, handy that BMW USA dealers have full schematics of parts so you can assess every panel, nut and bolt.

    See how I go getting it home and sorting out self repair (Already had bad experience with 'the' dealer for Vic).
  12. you would think, BMW being a "prestige" company that they would actually care when one of their customers has a problem...

    So much for image and reputation.

    "Here, buy one of the most expensive and fastest sportsbikes on the market but we don't care what happens after you touch the keys."
  13. Give Action Towing a call as suggested earlier... they come out with a van, put it in, tie it down properly and take it wherever you like. Great service, they come out pretty much anywhere, anytime.
  14. Only worth calling them up for a write off - You don't want them fixing your bike....