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Tow bar bike rack, Kids bike

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Doggy, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. Hey all, I've been looking around the net and I've seen some towball mounted bike carriers out there. But none in Australia. I'd love to buy my kids a little 50cc kids bike but towing a trailer around for a 40kg bike seems a bit pointless esp when I'll have to lug it 500+ kms each way sometimes. Anyone know where I can get one over here? I'd like to buy the bike and rack in the next week or so, so the kids have something to do whilst "down on the farm".

    Anyone know where to get the proper sprung pneumatic tyre training wheels?

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  3. They do have them here seen it in a magazine ,if no one gives you a link i will look for it ,i got 60 mags ,but i should fined it.
  4. Yeah if I was half handy I'd make one out of a bit of "U" section etc. But I'm pretty useless at man arts.

    The little pee wee only weighs 40 odd kilos so one of those flash lifts etc would be massive overkill. You can lift the bike on/off no worrys at all so a lift as such is not required. I just thought that with the popularity of the little bikes that someone would make a little rack for the back of the family car.
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  6. My dad had one made for his golf 50cc minibike. Just cut out a section of U channel, welded up one end, added a bracket to the ball in the centre, and a pivoting ramp at the other end. couple of tie down points and ready to go! Cost about $60 and a six pack! If it's still hanging around at Mums place I'll send some photos.
    The big issue is how much vertical load the tow bar mounting (to the car) will take. There are a lot of 'bars out there now with very low specification for this type of carrying. For example, my wifes car can pull 1600kg along, but only support 100kg downward pressure. There are others with even less. 40kg should be OK, though.
  7. Yeah Titus thats the type of thing I was thinking about.

    Here is how I imagined it. I had a few too many corn chips for smoko so the MSG may be distorting my view of reality. :LOL:

  8. Exactly. Only the channel was about 75mm deep, and a nice tight fit for the tyres. It had a piece of the same channel (about 30cm long) welded almost vertical to hold the front wheel, and another at the other end to use as a ramp (which pivoted) and to hold the rear in place. Worked a treat, and even though he was partly disabled he could load it easily by himself. wouldn't be safe for anything bigger than a 50, though.
  9. I used to ride a Pee Wee 80 back in the day and my old man had one of the tow ball mounted racks for the bike.

    It was similar to the drawing that was made but had a piece infront of the front wheel to pull it down on the forks and without the wheel wells.

    It couldn't be hard or expensive to make if you find somewhere to build it for you.
  10. Hey Doggy,

    As it happens I'm on the same mission for my boy's PeeWee... I've got a pretty similar design as what titus described - currently trying to sort out the lights, since the bike obscures the car's own.

    I'll post some pics once I'm done... probably other side of next weekend.
  11. I might be a bit off line here, but given that a tow ball is implied, wouldn't it be simpler to just buy a used 6x4 trailer with room for bike, fuel cans, tools, riding gear etc.....?
  12. Yeah I reckon just some Trailer lights mounted to the carrier with a plug would work fine. I'm going on holidays soon but when I get back I'm going to get this made. Might even try to get one made for a small quad if it's possible/feasable etc.
  13. Yeah Inci that would be one solution but the point of this exercise is to do away with the trailer. I will have to cart the kids bike down to my parents farm. A 550km trip one way. Towing a trailer if not required is a pain and with todays fuel prices? It just seems to me to be overkill for a PW50 (which would fit in the back of the wifes wagon but she won't let me put it there :roll: ) We also have nowhere to store a trailer at our current house. Stupid design means I can only get my bike out the back. The trailer would have to be chained up in the front yard.

    But yeah I agree, If I had a dirt squirter too then the trailer would be the only option.
  14. Incitatus... the thought was bounced about.. at the moment
    a) lack of storage for a trailer,
    b) lack of spare cash
    c) trailer is a bit of overkill

    pushed me to look at the bike-rack option. However, knowing murphy... a reason to go and buy the trailer anyway will probably come along as soon as the rack is completed..
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