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Tourline Luggage... any reviews??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Tribos, Oct 23, 2009.

  1. Hi All

    Has anyone got any experience with Tourline bags??? They look very (and I mean very) similar to Ventura bags...

    I was reading the e-bay advert with a view to a possible acquisition before going to bed last light. This morning my sleepy eyes accidentally had me click the "commit" button... so $180 later I really want to know if the zip together pack (with rain jackets included) is going to last...

    Will let you know how it goes (if it looks 1/2 decent it will be road tested on the 4M ride...)

    Cheers, Steve

  2. Yep, Im keen to see if anyone uses their stuff too ...
  3. Hi... so just subjected the bags to 2350 km ride over 4 days. Ride included a few fast bits, lots of twisties, some dirt, extreme cross winds - nearly had it all (but no rain).

    I was using 2 bags zipped together. On the face of it they stood up to the journey better than me (I was intact but internally destroyed). There is no obvious damage at any of the stitching and my paranoia that the bags would fall apart on a freeway seems to have been completely unfounded.

    However I was very careful not to overpack the bags.

    Stitching on one of the straps (on one bag only - i bought 2) had come undone in the packet. To be honest - I had more problems with my Ventura bags when I bought them - busted zips etc. The guy at TourLine has been fantastic with customer service and offered to replace the faulty bag (even after it has been used).

    I am yet to give the bags a thorough inspection, as I said the ride (particularly the last day) destroyed me! I don't expect to find any damage to the bags - will keep you posted.

  4. Why would they not replace it if it failed after being used?


    But you say it was torn when you got it, and you are happy about that?

    If it fails in a year and then they replace it I might be a little more confident in buying something that may arrive faulty off the net without touching it first.
  5. Hi Bubba - There was no foul on the supplier. This is what happened...

    1. Bag arrived faulty
    2. I inform them
    3. They offer to replace - at their cost
    4. I say Not Yet - I need it for the trip
    5. They say - We can send replacement today, just return
    6. I say - sorry, not enough time
    7. They say - OK use the bag and return after the trip
    8. I say sweet thanks - I will
    9. After the trip they ring and request me to send the bag for replacement
    10. I say (after the trip) stuff it, just send the parts...

    Can hardly blame them if I don't bother to return the bag!!!

    I got 2 bags for the price of a single Ventura... they did the job, I'm happy.

  6. I should clarify what the damage was on the bag...

    The bag was NOT torn.

    Stitching holding a D-ring and clip had simply come undone... this clip holds the bag to the rack. See clip at base of bag (bottom middle picture in OP).

    Since I was using 2 bags zipped together I did not really need it... so hence my decision.
  7. Cool man, I am glad you are happy

    call me fussy or a nit picking whinger but I would have been less than pleased