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Tourist Info for Melbourne

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by generalyuehfei, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. Netriders

    I've decided to cage it with the misses from SYD to MLB in the school holidays starting early morning Monday Oct 2nd and returning by the following Monday. Just looking for some ideas on a possible itinery for the drive into Melbourne from the North that spans until say the Thursday.

    From Thurs I'd like to spend the rest of the time staying with friends in Prahrain. Hence, just looking for ideas for the drive down, places to stay things to see.

    Anyone travelled this route
    Leg 1 Melbourne to Apollo Bay 182km/117 miles 3:00hrs
    Leg 2 Apollo Bay to Port Fairy 189km/117 miles 3:00hrs
    Leg 3 Port Fairy to Halls Gap 158km/98 miles 2:30hrs
    Leg 4 Halls Gap to Melbourne 248km/154 miles 3:30hrs

    Look forward to your advice...

    Regards, Nick
  2. Absolutely, in fact it's almost identical to the ride I did at the start of the year (except I started/finished in Ballarat) - see:

    As for what to do, depends what you're into. Grampians area has plenty of wineries around as well as bushwalking/mountain biking, there's plenty of surf beaches along the GOR as well as some good pubs and restaurants. If you want to take the longer, more scenic route between Ballarat and Melbourne you can check out the mineral springs (and chocolate mill) around Daylesford or visit Hanging Rock.
  3. A nice little family jaunt in the cage.
    Brave soul


    Plan it well & have fun.
  4. Many Thanks!!

    Feel free to add more until the trip in Oct
  5. Between Port Fairy and Warrnambool turn off and take the drive through Tower Hill reserve. Lots of animals (watch out for the emus) and it's an interesting drive through an extinct volcano with a lake in the middle.

    In Port Fairy take the walk out to the Griffith Island lighthouse - by October the mutton birds will have returned for their nesting and there'll be thousands of them there.

  6. Nothing brave about it as we are still DINK's (double income no kids). Oh and the cage ain't a too shabby v8 coupe which will provide some excitement along the way....

    We love going on long'ish trips like this while we still have the flexibility and we have never ventured out of Melbourne - the time has now come.