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Touring with soft luggage and theft

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Masakali, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. Interested in everybodies thoughts and experiences with touring with soft easily detachable luggage such as a set of kriega tailbags.

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  2. It can be a bit of inconvenience to remove your luggage when you stop for lunch. Usually not too much of a problem if you keep your bike in view.

    I generally keep all the valuables in a bag which is more easily detachable and am prepared to lose the less valuable stuff for the sake of convenience.
  3. never had an issue detaching it and taking it all with me. if you need more luggage, take the car...
  4. I use the Kreiga tail packs with the alloy hooks and is about the only luggage that fits properly on the pillion pad. You get used to it after a short while and learn how to remove 'em quickly. The other option I've used was to pay a homeless man with all his worldly goods in a Woollies shopping trolley with a cup of McDonalds coffee to watch my bike.
  5. I've never had a problem.. and that includes proper long distance touring with Andy Strapz panniers right through to the Kriega tailpack stuff.. but if you are worried.. just carry valuables on you when away from the bike..
  6. Nice to know that no one has had any bad experiences. I'm guessing there are less opportunists when travelling then in the cities.

    I was planning on leaving a us30 strapped to the bike at all times, and take the us20 with valuables with me.

    I'm thinking if I cable tied the us30 at least it might stop the opportunists, and just cut the cable tie at the end of each day...
  7. How much shit do you need to take? Doesn't need to be a very big bag to hold a credit card, a pair of spare socks and jocks, and maybe a tee-shirt and jeans. Enough for a few weeks of touring around the place. A kids sized back pack is no hassle to wear while riding, or wandering around off the bike.
  8. I leave my bag that has my tent, mattress, pillow, cooking gear, chair, and other bits and pieces strapped to the bike and never had it tampered with or stolen there's probably about a grands worth of high quality camping gear in it.

    I keep my valuables/electronics in my hard luggage.
  9. I once had someone go through a soft under seat bag on a bicycle and steal some universal bicycle tool. I had it locked in a free music festival.

    Some people are just f wits and will see something unsecured and grab what they can. Most places should be fine, just learn to recognize high risk areas.
  10. Haven't done that much touring, but even though I was always in touristy areas, I never had trouble with people touching my stuff. I have 2 soft panniers with clothes, sleeping bag, mattress, cooker. My tent (as well as a backpack if needed) is strapped over the pillion seat. The only items I would take with me are my wallet, keys, and phone.
  11. My previous bike I used soft panniers and a tank bag, I used to keep the sleeping bag, tent and clothes in the soft panniers and the electronics (phone, camera, kindle, gps) in the tank bag.

    The tank bag is quick and easy to remove from the bike and the soft panniers were only interfered with once in the last 10 years (came back and the zips were part way open). Hint put boring clothes on top :)
  12. Or a rubber snake.....
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  13. I use a tiny padlock on the zip.
    It stops it working its way open at speed and anyone who wants to take my bag of dirty clothes will take it regardless.
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  14. So do I on the Ventura bag. There's also a tiny padlock to stop someone unclipping the bag from around the rack, but if some low life wanted to get it badly enough, they could cut the bag or the straps anyway. This is just to keep the slackers honest. I take my phone and wallet with me, and either take the helmet, or lock it to the bike with a bicycle lock thru the chin bar. Will have to sort out how to lock the new flip face when I get it. Also take the Sena off the helmet if locked to the bike.
  15. I tour with hard panniers generally and the tent and gear above those. Also a tank bag for things like camera, phone MP3 player. Never had any problems, but I generally park the bike where I can see it. If I had to leave the bike I have the advantage of being able to transfer stuff to the hard panniers.

    As Smiledude said

  16. Considered a Wire mesh security system?
    Can be fiddly to deal with, but they will discourage opportunists (not determined and well equipped thieves).
  17. Pack a valuables bag, i normally use a tankbag for this, keep all your valuable stuff in there and carry it with you. Rest of the stuff just leave on the bike but try to eat lunch in view of the bike anyway, out in most country towns people are a bit more respectful of property rights anyway, so i have never had an issue.
  18. I've never had an issue with my soft tail pack. Carried all sorts of stuff,mainly camping gear. It has never been tampered with to my knowledge. I always take my wallet, keys, phone etc with me, usually in my jacket pocket anyway.
  19. check out my gallery post from today, everything I need to travel around aus.
  20. Garage post !