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Touring with no knowledge of maintanence

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by aski, Jun 27, 2013.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I just finished my university studies in Australia and was planning to ride around Australia (about 14,000kms) before I leave the country. I have a 2002 Hyosung GV250 with around 10,000kms on the odometer. If I'm taking the trip I will have to depart from Sydney by the end of July so that I can finish the trip on time and head back to my home country.

    The problem is that I'm a complete noob on bike maintenance. That means, basically I will have less than one month to learn about how to handle any breakdowns on the road, especially because it would be difficult to get help in many parts of the route.

    So my question is: is this even possible? If so, where should I start? Any thoughts or suggestions will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

  2. Hmmmm.......

    A Hyo and a circumnavigation of Australia.....

    This should be interesting

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  3. Jun

    I reckon go for it. Even of things turn bad, it will still be a great experience

    I assume the Hyo is existing and you've had it a while so know it.

    Basic maintenance is easy to learn from You Tube, anything else just cross the fingers.

    The GV250 is a lot more reliable from all reports than the sports bikes. I had one for 20,000 and it never missed a beat

    Make sure you take plenty pics and do a write up!
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  4. It's possible if you sell the Hyosung and get a Honda.

    Otherwise virtually impossible. ;)
  5. Certainly possible. Can you give a bit more backgroud info? Has your bike had its periodic services (I assume you didn't service it yourself)? Has it had any previous problems? I wouldn't be expecting a serious breakdown from a 10000k old bike unless it had issues beforehand.
  6. How many threads you gonna start with the same question?

    And FFS I hope they're in the correct forum when Justus strolls by....

    See my reply in the other thread...
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  7. sorry for posting two identical threads. I was meant to delete this one but just don't know how to. Please turn to the link below for discussion. I apology for any inconvenience caused by.


    Hi coungs. Sorry for the repeating thread, I was supposed to delete the other one but don't know how to.

    Thanks for your encouragement from the other thread. Indeed I have had it for about 9 months now. Never had any major problems, except sometimes it needs a dozen trials to start the engine (not sure if that's a big issue or not?).
  8. From other thread:

    I reckon go for it. Even of things turn bad, it will still be a great experience

    I assume the Hyo is existing and you've had it a while so know it.

    Basic maintenance is easy to learn from You Tube, anything else just cross the fingers.

    The GV250 is a lot more reliable from all reports than the sports bikes. I had one for 20,000 and it never missed a beat

    Make sure you take plenty pics and do a write up!
  9. Hi Rip,

    Thanks for your reply. I had my bike since last September, the seller did a full service himself before selling the bike to me, and I have not get it serviced since then. There are two problems that I have encountered during the past 9 months of riding (not sure if these are big issues or not):

    1. Battery died once. After recharge, it has been running for months with no problem. Should I just recharge it again before the trip or get a new one?

    2. Since a few months ago, the engine could not start until at least a few (sometimes a dozen) trials. The electrical motor is running but it just doesn't ignite. So I guess it's something to do with the carburetor?

    Apart from these two problems, everything is fine.What would you recommend me to do next? Thank you very much!
  10. You would need to adjust the chain a few times and keep your tyre pressures correct. Learning how to adjust a chain is something every rider should know.

    If anything seriously goes wrong with it, hence requiring parts and a workshop, a bit of bike knowledge and a few tools is not going to be of much assistance to you in that situation anyway.

    Another consideration is that before you fill up the tank and set off, have you done any long distance riding before because there will be a lot of long empty stretches of highway to do.

    I know someone who finds this sort riding boring, and others enjoy it. A larger heavier bike with an effective fairing would make this long distance riding easier than on your naked GV250.

    Go for a long ride over a few days and see if you like it. Then you would have a better idea if you would like to keep going for 14,000kms.
  11. Hyos are like babies mate,you will have no trouble for the 9 months after you do the deed.From then on,they are nuthing but trouble.
  12. It's possible and will be something to tell the kids and grand-kids. Get the bike fully serviced and inspected including a battery check. Find someone who will give you basic training in bike maintenance such as chain adjustment etc and check the bike each 2000kms for loose bits and nuts etc. Have the bike serviced half way around. I would also contact the NRMA and possibly join as you can call upon sister organisations in other states for help if you need it.
    We want a full report with pictures when you get back, Please.
    Have Fun and Good Luck,

    Kobo :cool:
  13. Learn how to fix a flat tyre, probably need an Oil change midway.
    Start with new tyres and chain/sprockets.

    Goodluck and have fun!
  14. Get roadside assistance from NRMA ($175) or NSW Motorcycle Alliance ($35) this should give you some piece of mind if you have a breakdown. At least you can get a tow/ battery/ petrol/ etc. Probably the best $35 you can spend.
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  15. Hitchiking around Australia will be a great story to tell...
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  16. Go for NRMA Premium Care. You might need the additional towing, accommodation and you get unlimited calls.
  17. wasn't there a story on an older guy who did it on his Hyo a couppla years ago in a similar size, Australian Story http://www.abc.net.au/austory/specials/onyourbike/
    sounds like the Hyos are of the more reliable cheappies. Gotta have some know how. My motorclub membership is Australian Automobile Club http://www.aac.com.au/
    see if there is a TAFE course, your local dealer might be doing maintenance after hours programs, up on the GC here a riding school even does maintenance courses, otherwise buy a really good book that covers the basics.....sounds like a great adventure.....
  18. I did this back in 2011.

    Was great fun !

    Service and new tyres before I left. Then a service in Darwin.

    Fixed two punctures (rubber rope kit) v easy.

    Met heaps of great people and had a ball.

    Check and adj the chain once a week lube each day. That's about it.

    In the heat be very conscious of tyre pressures.

    Get RACV (or equiv) bike cover that includes towing. And get a Telstra SIM card.

    Strap on some kreiga luggage and away you go.

    Oh. Longest stretch without petrol is Broome south which is about 310 km.
    so carry extra fuel

    The blog I did is linked in my sig down there VVV
    Or just google stu's travels

    Any question just ask.
  19. do a full service on your bike, on your own before you take off.

    If you can't do that by yourself, then you'll just end up looking silly when something simple goes wrong.

    here a quick list (maybe others can add to it)
    If things aren't due, practise pulling them off and putting them back on.

    Oil change
    coolant change
    air filter change
    spark plug change
    remove, dissemble, and clean your carb jets, re assemble.
    brake rotor change.
    brake pad change
    change brake lines
    bleed brakes
    change levers
    change sprockets
    change chain
    valve clearances

    thats all i can think of off the top of my head :)
  20. Most of your list is rediculous-you wont be doing that stuff on the side of the road.
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