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touring tyres on sports bike

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by mr_messy, May 9, 2008.

  1. I'm due to replace my tyres again and I was wondering if it is a good idea to put touring tyres on my GSXR750.

    Most of my riding is of the daily commuter type and the occasional long trips from Melbourne to Sydney and then back again. I want a tyre that will give me decent wear and also be suitable for days where I go to the Great Ocean Road and the Black Spur.

    I'm considering the touring tyres as I don't consider myself that much of a good rider to require the best and grippiest tyres on the market.
    What are your opinions and suggestions on tyre choice?
  2. Sport touring tyre I suggest, not touring. Perhaps dual compound.
  3. I would probably go for one of the dual compound tires. Softer on the edge and harder in the middle to give longer life.
  4. michilin pilot road 2's are what you want mate.
  5. I would also put another vote in for sport touring tyres, they are the way to go for riders who mostly do it on the road. Today's rubber is so good that unless you are a track day legend you are never going to get to feel the difference between 'super sticky' tyres and their touring counterparts. Why pay more money for something that doesn't last as long but gives no real world performance difference?

    Just to back my opinion up with some proper facts, a UK magazine (Performance Bikes) tested touring spec rubber vs Metzler Racetech M3's (good enough to qualify mid table on a superstock grid) around the Nurburgring. The time difference....less than 1%. Says it all really.

    Don't believe the hype and accepted wisdom, get some Pilot Road 2's on there (or equivalent) and enjoy.

    FWIW I ran sports touring tyres (Cont Road Attacks) on my Gixxer SRAD in the UK, did trackdays on them too, no problems at all. I will never buy another out and out sports tyre unless I have enough cash to runa track bike too.

    I'll shut up now! :LOL:
  6. No need to shut up, mate -- that's the sort of information that's good to read.

    I support the sports touring tyres. I'm running Metzeler M6 Roadtecs (? -- can't be bothered going out in the dark to look, but i think that's the number) on the XJ900S and Conti Pilot Roads on the two V-Stroms. Of course, none of them is a sportsbike by any stretch of the imagination, but I feel confident in laying them over further into a corner than I ever thought I would or could.
  7. Pirelli Diablo Strada on the rear, Pirelli Diablo Corsa on the front. Always make sure you've got a front you can trust.
  8. If it were me I'd go for the Pilot Road 2 as well, but Loz's choice is very good too. You're always gonna wear the rear faster than the front, so you might as well go a little softer at the front, it won't hurt.
  9. yeah if i stick with the michies ill be getting a power on the front, the sides are the first to wear out anyway, no point having harder rubber in the middle.
  10. apparently ContiRoadattacks are pretty good!
  11. Road 2. The front is built softer and grippier than the rear, so you don't have to worry about mixing tyre types. They'll grip like crazy and last too.
  12. Pilot Road 2 are the duck's guts. I'm getting heaps of life out of mine and the grip is great in all conditions. From what you've described it sounds like they're made for you. :)
  13. Another vote for Pilot Road 2's, I've done around 8000km on my back tyre and it still looks almost new.
  14. I have been doing this for years. I don't mind the rear spinning/sliding (I ride dirt bikes as well and having the rear end sliding/spinning everywhere is a natural thing on dirt), on the road it aint much different ;). As long as the front wheel is doing what it should then all is good :)

    Currently on the R1, i use a Pirelli Diablo Corsa on the Front and a Pirelli Diablo (next rear will be the Strada) on the rear.
  15. definately thge mitchlin road2s well on the rear the storm was chewing powers on the rear every 4,000, first of the road2s seen 14,000, the second one has recieved alot of loving and will be worn out at around the 10,000 mark, still a 6,000km improvement on the powers
  16. A decent combination, that I have used...but one which I think is actually better now, is the Corsa3 front and rear. Never had them slip when reeeealy pushing it, and got a nice even 10K out of the rear. Front should bring around 12K. Good mileage for this much grip, I assure you. :)

    The Pilot Road 2 is good - don't confuse that with the Pilot2CT.

    I was told that the Pirelli tyres lose their grip rather smoothly, whereas the Pilots hangon, hangon, then let go suddenly. I can personally attest to the Pirelli, but I never experienced a sudden let go with the Pilot Road 2's.

    Personally...the Pirelli's have been an excellent all-rounder, with very good milage considering the way I ride when I play.

  17. Personally, I like Bridgestones, a good combination is an 015 on the front and an 021 on the rear. The 021 is a dual compound. I ran an 021 on my recent 9,000klm round trip to the Centre where exceptionally high speeds were reached and maintained for reasonable periods plus a pretty hard flick through the twisties when ever I was lucky enough to see some !. Sure, the centre is just about F@!#$% but riding off the square edge didn't really pose any brown moments.
    Bridggy is about to release the new 016 tri-compound, watch this space for my opinions of them. I am fitting new Conti's on Monday, so once again watch this space as to my opinions of them.

    Tex & Bundy
  18. The main thing for me about the Pirellis is that all the Diablos have a similar tread pattern, so they'll do a good job of displacing water if you mix and match for a soft front and hard rear.

    Pilot Power and Pilot Road have very different tread patterns, I don't know that I'd want to be having a crack in the wet with two different treads that aren't made to work with one another.
  19. i have heard the same thing. never had a sudden let go on the PR2s, wash outs have been easily recognised and recovered. only ever had pirrelis on the 2fiddy (sports demons) so they dont really compare, but they were very ordinary in grip and feel compared to the michies.
  20. Another vote for Continental Road Attacks! Have them fitted to my GSR as well as my other half's GSXR-600, we're very happy with them.