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Touring Tassie

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Monda, Mar 3, 2005.

  1. Hi All

    Can anyone tell us about touring Tassie recently, how much to get bikes over on boat, when are the best months for bikes, general road conditions, is it worth going, would we see a fair bit in 7 Days, have done it by car a few years ago, bikes a new experience.

  2. I read in an ad recently in the newspaper, it costs about $200 per person to take a cruise over to tassie, and I think it was about $20 to park a car on the ship. Can't remember the company, but that was about the price range.
  3. can get the bike on the boat for free in shoulder season, i did in october when i bought my bike from melbourne, think i got a cruise seat for about $120 or there abouts. dont quote me on the seat price though.
    dont really matter what time of the year you come... if you here for 7 days no doubt itll rain some time...lol
    roads are generally good, and tassie aint that big, you could do 3 laps of this place in 7 days.....
    and its worth comin just for the twisty roads...
    need a tour guide?

  4. I think they start to charge $5 each bike during Off peak, if peak time will be around $38.


    check it out the link above!
  5. Come NOW, The best time is Feb March. DON'T use a cruise seat, they are shite. Check the fares for Apex Fares and get in a cabin. 7 days is plenty to get a taste of Tas.

    The Turismo followed some awesome roads and only covered half the state. 450 klm from Lonnie to Devonport was a good day :)
  6. Yesterday, I think, was the first day of autumn. Unless you're coming down within the next two weeks, I wouldn't recommend coming until 'summer', which generally lasts from January 2nd to January 4th.

    In all seriousness, if you come within the next 6 months, you'll see snow and rain, and maybe one or two clear days. Still, it's a bloody nice place to ride around. I'd personally recommend from probably November through to February, depending on how hard core you are.
    That said, I've seen snow here on Christmas Day.

  7. Hmm, Hobart must be in a different Tassie than Snug. :wink:

    Autumn is traditionally the dry months (around easter is often beeeeoootiful weather)
    Spring is the wettest (gets bloody cold tho, so does winter.. and summer :LOL: )

    but heh, who cares! come on down, we're a friendly bunch, love to show you a coupla good roads or three.

  8. yeah smack is right... the seats are REALLY bad. sittin bolt upright, and they hard as rocks.... impossible to sleep on.... little tip:
    IF you can manage (i was lucky) meet a guy who is also ridin a bike on the boat who knows someone who works there... so he got me a upgrade to a 4 berth cabin for free! beds aint that much comfyer, but at least you are horizontal and can stretch out.
    also, make sure you tell the guy on the deck to use 2 tie downs on your bike. they usually have 1 up and over the seat - thats all. from what i have heard the record is 8 fallen bikes in 1 crossing. dodgey.
  9. Dude, it's Tasmania. Never leave home in shorts and t shirt to go bush walking on Mt Wellington. :shock:

    I slept in a cruise seat fine. But I can sleep anywhere.
    Pick one next to a cute brunette.
  10. never leave home without shorts, tshirt, jumper, jeans, coat, beanie, wet weather gear, umbrella, suncreen, sunnies, life jacket, boots, waders, towel.

    that just about covers it.....

  11. Thanks for the help, looks like later in the year is going to be the go
  12. Yeah come down to tassie we have got some brilliant roads, however you do need to watch out for people from snug... :twisted: