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Touring pants

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by maurice, Jul 18, 2015.

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    Just had some questions re pants, if y'all don't mind?

    I'm about to buy a 2nd hand VFR800, and hope to do regular weekend trips. I'm guessing 500km return, starting from Brisbane. Who knows, perhaps even further.

    I've always worn jeans (non-kevlar), mainly as for me a bike has always been for daily work commuting. I want to upgrade now (both bike and pants!)

    What pant solution would you recommend?

    Kevlar jeans, and carry a rain shell for when needed? This seems ok. Can wear jeans when I arrive somewhere, ie for coffee. Rain shell for when it rains.

    Textile mesh pants? [ie Rev'it Airwave] Sound awesome for summer. Not so great for winter. Can wear pants underneath, ie dress or thermal. Would still need to carry rain pants.

    Waterproof textile pants? Not as "airy" as the mesh textile, but better for rain.

    BTW: I'm not so much after subjective things like "jeans look great" but rather stuff like "knee armoured pants are uncomfortable off the bike, ie at the movies/coffee, so wear overpants and take them off when you get somewhere".

  2. At the risk of causing the ATGATT guys conniptions there is no reason why you can't have different gear for different riding. You start by describing a touring rig and end by describing a commute to the movies rig.

    Queenslanders have a climate consideration that we don't have down south, hot and humid. I would say textiles with lots of zippable vent panels would be the most flexible. A rain oversuit for wet weather although that is likely to get hot in your weather.

    If you have one of the Viffers with underseat pipes be aware there is stuff all storage space under the seat so stuffing a rainsuit in there is probably impossible. I speak from experience with mine :) I use a tank bag to handle storage.
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  3. I guess I was hoping for 1 pair to suit all/most of my riding. Some of this stuff is damn expensive (like $300 for draggin kevlar jeans).

    Re VFR: Yeah, probably picking up a MY08, with the underseat pipes. It's got a ventura rack, so I might try the topbox.
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  4. Have a look at Revzilla...only downside is the crap Aussie dollar at present so that unfortunately ups the cost.
    They have a lot of really good gear...waterproof, with lots of removable internal layers but with more vents than you can poke a stick in.
    The brand I got was called Fieldsheer, all the zippers are schmicko, fit was great (sigh) and yay wasn't all black (grey with red bits on the arms) and has night time reflector strips on back and back of sleeves and down the fron but not tacky at all.
    They got it to me in super quick time as well. No charge for freight as I soent a bit of coin.
    Good luck.
    I use a kriega tail bag for gera like wets and puncture kit.
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  5. Yes it can be pricy but a good set of textiles will last you many years, kevlar pants less time. My textile jacket is coming up to over 10yo and has only needed minor wear and tear work.

    I have Givi side panniers as part of my touring kit. Lockable panniers are a great advantage when touring. It means you can leave the bike with secure storage. Below is my touring kit, the picture is crossing the Murray in SA

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  6. It's my go-to website. Not so much for ordering, but for research. Amazing website, IMO. So much content. Wish the Aus consumers environment was good enough to allow a site like that to flourish here :(

    Price-wise I was a bit surprised. There's a website RIIDE Motowear | Motorcycle Apparel | Motorcycle Leather Jackets | Motorcycle Pants | Racing Suits | Motorcycle Gloves | Buy Motorcycle Gear Online | Dainese, AGV, TCX, Furygan, Alpinestars, Rev'it … | Australia which has some stuff CHEAPER than revzilla (ie the Revit Enterprise textile pants; Revzilla is USD$190, riide is AUS$184)(no typos there). However... riide doesn't have the size selection. They have my waist, but they don't have the 3 leg length options (small, normal, long). They only have one (normal, I assume). With bike pants, you want to get the length right as you can't get them tailored (easily).

    Revzilla also has a MASSIVE range. And new season gear. Looks like it takes a while for stuff to filter down to us.
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  7. Nice! Images like that make me very impatient to get out riding again :)
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  8. Does anyone have any experience with this Riide website, a bit weary of it myself but maybe some positive experiences out there?? http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/2158027
  9. Yikes! Thanks for that.
    I'd only ever buy with credit card, for its fraud protection.
    Hmm... I'm happy to order from revzilla. Just hope I can get the sizing right!
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  10. I measured myself up like I was buying a box to post myself in and paying by dimension.
    And yipeee yahoo the sizing based on measurements was spot on.
    I really did sit and look at the box for hours before I opened and tried the jacket on as cost a bomb and I would have done some serious howling if it hadn't fitted. Plus a pain in the arse having to ship back etc.
    But if fitted really well and I liked it!
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  11. Hey mate. You might be interested in my touring set. [NSW] - Dririder Nordic II Set | Netrider - Australia's Best Motorcycle Community
  12. Don't know much (well, anything, if the truth be told!) about the overpants side, but as for kevlar jeans, I think these are the best - Australian made and an Australian company -
    TKD | TKD Denim Division
  13. So you buy the jeans then the liner? Makes sizing fun if you buy online as you have to factor the lining as well...
  14. I'd need 2L of lube to get into something that size.
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  15. I find baby oil works a treat for getting into tight sizes...it's trying to get it off that is the hard part :)
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  16. tell me about it...
  17. Personally I don't like kevlar jeans when I'm riding fast. I feel too insecure. Good around town though. Suggest you buy aimed at whatever riding you do the most, then pick up other stuff from sales and ebay. (In Melbourne the weather is so varied one set won't work. When I count I have 4 pairs of pants. Kevlar jeans, goretex touring pants, mesh summer pants and leathers).
  18. I have a back pack that is easy on but to get it off...I have had people go out if their way to offer their assistance!
    Almost need a foot on the small of my back to yank the bastid off sometimes...I used to take my whole jacket off along with the pack.
    Now I just use my suuuuuuper kriega :D gawd I love that thing now...
  19. There are quite a few stockists around Australia (mostly in Vic and NSW), so you can physically try them on.
    One of the positives I think of buying the TKD jeans is, if you don't like any of their styles of jean, you could probably buy your own pair, and go to an alterations place, or someone you know who is good at sewing, and get them to sew in a zip that is the same length as the one on the kevlar inner
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