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Touring overseas, just a quick question...

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by huplescat, Nov 15, 2009.

  1. I'm thinking that in the future I'd like to do some riding around Europe and am thinking if the weather's good it'd be awesome (and cheaper) to do some camping along the way.

    Question is, would it be more sensible to ship over my own bike or to buy/rent one over there? Would it even work with getting some form of rego and insurance? I'll ideally own a bike similar to my VFR (or the same one) that's comfortable and good for long distance riding and would like to keep the cost down a little as I'm a total tight arse.

    It'll be a few years away yet, but figure I might as well start dreaming now (y)

  2. You're not allowed to buy and register a vehicle in some countries if you are not a permanent resident (Italy?), but others will be fine (UK?)
    Used bikes in UK are pretty cheap compared to Oz, although more knocked around. I think buying would probably end up cheaper if you are careful.
  3. I've done both.

    Bought bikes overseas 3 times and shipped my own across (and back) twice.

    Generally it is cheaper to buy over there as shipping costs can be very high; i.e. cost me $3k to ship back to Melbourne from Italy last year.

    See my blog http://farqhuar.blogspot.com for details of my most recent journey, it will give you a few ideas - ship to Korea, ship back from Italy and also bought and sold a new bike in China.
  4. Cool, thanks :) Great blog farqhuar!
  5. Wow awesome, thanks for the link :D That'll keep me inspired for a long time.
  6. I toured Europe earlier this year and for me it was better off buying and selling a second-hand KTM LC4 Adventure (£2,200 buy / £1,900 sell) then renting a bike (e.g. BMW R-Series £250 to £500 a week)

    Rego in the UK is easy enough I think, but be aware that bikes are also depreciated on how many previous owners as much as age and mileage, also read up on tax and MOT (Ministry of Transport / Road Worthy)

    If the bike is registered in the EU, then you shouldn't have any problems with a Carte Duone (vehicle insurance to ensure that you won't sell the bike in country and therefore don't need to pay any taxes); if you bring your own bike over, you may need to look into this.

    There are a few UK companies that cater for insurance for Europe...

    Camping can be quite easy in some countries, France is probably the best as any reasonable sized town has a municipal camping site.

    Also, check out this place: http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/
  7. I like this thread, I'm planning on doing the same next year (this year's delay).