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Touring on a Sportsbike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Hicksey11, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. Hi Netriders.

    Unfortunately the time is not right for me to do track days and have a track bike, so I decided to start some touring soon. Before I go and purchase a Ventura Rack + Bag for my CBR1000RR (2005) Fireblade, I wondered if it were even worth the purchase? I know it can be done yes, but whether to bother being uncomfortable while touring (Position/seating) or possible upgrade to another bike (I had VTR1000F) in mind.
    I don't need to go fast on a bike (I've done that), I just want a bike to tour with, that I won't regret keeping afterwards as an everyday bike.

    Everyone's help is greatly appreciated. Im trying to decide by the weekend, so I can start having a look at bikes.

    Thanks, Xave

  2. If you are serious about touring, then yes, get a comfortable bike. There's lots out there that have better seat positions for a long ride than a sports bike.
  3. I should have mentioned. It is also a case of what I can get for my bike. I don't want to have to spend too much, plus I want something with lowish km's. Mine only has 12,500km. Thanks for the reply
  4. Hahha you already getting rid of the cbr,that was the one I looked at for you for in Penrith.

    I would do a weekend on it first before you do anything, you might find its not that bad. Just stay at a pub and you can just use a tankbag. My zx6 is fine for two days of 600-700km days.

    Cruisers are good tourers, get two bikes. A 90s japanese cruiser will have many miles left for less than $5k.

    Oherwise theres heaps of cheap k1200LT being sold at he moment so prices are low because of the new 1600. I wouldnt expect similar kms though
  5. helibars? and an airhawk seat cushion?
  6. Hey Vertical. Mate dont really want to get rid of it as it is a very nice riding bike. You say get a tank bag, would it not be better just to invest in a ventura? Whats a decent tank bag cost? That could be an option twistngo, will need to look into that. Cheers guys
  7. A tank bag will probably be less than a $100.

    I actually prefer a pillion bag myself on the sportsbike. Something like this


    That would be enough if you pack light for a few days. I have seen people ride to the MotoGP with less. Enough for Wet weather gear, Jeans, shoes and then a few shirts.

    That would be enough to see if your bike is comfortable enough for a weekend. The CBR is one of the better 1000s so I really don't think that you will get that much better unless you go to a true touring bike or cruiser.

    You can also make it into a sportstourer as said above by putting higher bars on and then putting a footpeg lowering kit. If you also got saddlebags at that time then you could carry enough for a week camping. That could be done for around a $1000, not sure that you will exchange your bike for much less than that anyway. That is all optional if you decide that you actually want to do it.

    Comfort on the bike is also about bike fitness, if you ride once a month then try to ride for a 3000km ride then you will be sore even on a Goldwing. If you ride all the time you will be fine even on a unmodified sportsbike.
  8. Kriega make good seat bags if you are not taking a lot of stuff.
  9. As someone else has said, spend a full weekend on the bike before you make a decision.
  10. Apex make adjustable risers from the US. Very good quality and highly adjustable. As mentioned Kriega do very good seat packs.
  11. Follow the lead of another Netrider who put 12" risers on a Super Blackbird...
  12. Alright. Thanks for all the input guys. My plan is to go on a weekend trip in a few weeks and see what the bike is like on a long ride. Will decide then what to do. I do like the idea of a nicer seat as the Honda one is a bit hard on the tookas!
  13. A sheepskin cover or an Air Hawk will do wonders for the seat. I know my wife's old monster was a whole lot more comfortable with an air hawk type cover (we did it on the cheap).
  14. I put the Apex 3" risers on my CBR600RR after buggering my shoulder in a crash. A little fiddly to set up right without wanting to lengthen the cables and still keep the fairing standard. Reworked the front reservoir bracket with an FBH.

    All in all i'm very pleased. I use the bike to commute daily and the more upright position isn't causing my shoulder any grief.
    If you want to do the twisties/track just use an Allen key and drop the clip ons a couple of inches.

    The 3" risers are $220 US.
  15. Mick, how do you mean "on the cheap"? Is there a knock off of the Air Hawk as they seem a bit pricey?
  16. Airhawk from the US on ebay for around $80.
  17. Not exactly a cheap knock off, more of a DIY job, but cheap yes. Air hawk seat covers are essentially nothing more than fancy air cushions. So, what we did was buy a small blow up cushion from BBQ Galore, cost us around $7.50. You don't need to put much air in it, less than one breath (we had to experiment with how much air to put in). We then put it under her sheepskin cover. Did the trick nicely.
  18. I've got an '01 ZX6 Ninja and to be honest it's always been quite ok to do longer trips on, refuelling stops are enough to stop the numbnuts ;)
  19. Just get ride fit. Ride your bike heaps. You can tour on anything. Just need to get accustomed to it. And by far the best way to get accustomed to it, is to ride. Heaps. Which also happens to be great fun. Win win.
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