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Touring on a 250??

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by DeeTee, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. Can it be done,

    I'm looking to buy a cheap 250 for my first bike that I will only use on weekends and the odd commute, however about once a month I have to make a 4 hour long trip over the blue mountains to central west NSW. Can it be done??

    Or am I doomed before I even begin

    any ideas??

  2. course it can be done. Do you have to take much stuff with you? Bigger backpack/tankbag/ventura rack..
  3. yeah can be done i do 4 hour trips on my SPADA and Rosie has done Melb-Syd-Bris-Melb on her Virago, so 4 hours shouldn't be an issue. assuming "you" can do 4 hours on the bike that is
  4. Sure can DeeTee :grin:

    Like Drew said, I spent a bit longer than 4hrs on my virago. Mike did a trip up to Sydney on his ZZR250 and Dimi did Tassie on her virago.

    So get your bike and go. :)
  5. A mate of mine went to brisbane on a zzr250 with a pillion and luggage, so again as everyone has already said, yes it can be done.
  6. yep 4 hours nothin, I ride 3 hours every day. Get a bike that suits this type of riding and you will be apples.
  7. +1 to all of the above.

    I did a 3 day trip out west on my Spada and am off to Victoria for 8 days in April on my Spada.
  8. Where did he/she fit the luggage? I'm imagining a tank bag and a back pack? Or can those bikes have a rack fitted behind the pillion seat as well?
  9. Used to do it all the time on the ol' Across. Though due to being a bit of a tall bastard I had to unfold and stretch myself after the long trips.

    Is a lot more comfy on a bike that fits!
  10. Thanks guys you have inspired alot more confidence in me. I'm going for my pre-learner course this weekend, so hopefully it goes well, I'll see you on the road
  11. I had done longish trips on the Spada, no fairing makes it a little more tiring than the Across though. One week I covered almost 2000kms on the Across with enough gear to cover me for a couple of nights. The large fairing on the Across makes for a pretty good trip, it also has enough power that you don't have to stress about keeping up with traffic once loaded.
  12. Well I'm planing on doing a 2-3 week trip on mine in May around Vic and NSW so i hope it can be done! :p

    I'm sure you will have no problems at all.

  13. sure. regular stops to stretch ya legs and have a wander around is a good idea. and you'll have a ball.
  14. sure. regular stops to stretch ya legs and have a wander around is a good idea. and you'll have a ball.
  15. i rode from sydney to brisbane on my zzr250 back in october. it can be done, but it's not the most pleasurable experience. i don't know about other 250's but zzr's are little buzz boxes. the vibrations and 'buzz' 100km/h and above is pretty intense. it's something i haven't experienced riding a larger capacity bike. you get off the bike and it takes a while to stop 'buzzing'. also, get ready to cramp...
  16. ive done melb to syd and melb to adel and various vic trips. corse it can be done, its not particularly comfortable on most 250s tho