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Touring ideas wanted...

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by DonJuan, Aug 19, 2015.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm thinking of hitting the road for a week and looking for ideas on a route with a cheap itinerary. I'm looking to camp (preferably free or basic facilities) but not looking to do off-roading (CBR500R isn't cut out for adventure riding - neither am I, yet). I think 500kms per day roughly would be what I'd be looking at leaving Melbourne on a Sunday morning and returning the following Saturday afternoon.

    If anyone has some ideas as to where to go, where to stay, suggested itinerary or route please let me know.

    I'd interested in all possibilities...

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Good luck on your adventure Don.

    Personally i'm hoping to do a tour of Tassie in the summer months. Head over on the boat and then spend a week or 2 riding around.

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  3. I'd be heading north, sticking to the coast at this time of year, kangaroo valley, Maquarie pass, the royal national park, get through shitney as quick as possible, old pacific hwy and take every tourist deviation on your way to Byron bay or there abouts.
  4. Depending on your interests Don, I'm heading north in October calling in at Wodonga to see my son, if you have any interest in military history Bandiana is worth a look as is Puckapunyal, then up to Temora to the warbirds museum(OldmaidOldmaid did a write up some time ago) you may even snag a flying day, to Bathurst for a manatory lap of Mt. Panamara ( 60 km/h speed limit :-( )and the motor racing display, then up to the Blue Mountains for the Boulevard International meet, coming home its a stop at Lithgow Smallarms museum and a cruise back to the Deep South. Plenty of things to see and do, Google is your friend
  5. Thanks all.

    JayteeJaytee : I grew up in Tassie and will no doubt be back there many times on the bike. Went in March this year too but they have lots of snow issues on all the good roads at the moment.

    HillsyHillsy : This sounds like an interesting plan that is worthwhile looking into further. I have done the coast roads numerous times in cars but not on the bike.

    Rus LerRus Ler : Done Bathurst a few times (even once on a race day) but Katoomba and the Blue Mountains does sound interesting. I figured I'd ask fellow riders for some trip advice as most trips that can be found via Google tend to be weekenders or long trips. I'm just planning a quick getaway (if the wife lets me).
  6. I've got a leave pass for a week woo hoo, first BIG ride so just taking things easy
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  7. How about up to the Blue Mountains starting with a day to the East of Melb - Healesville, Black Spur then on to Eildon and Jamieson. That is one twisty day! cjvfrcjvfr posted a map route up of this a little while back. You could camp somewhere up there (I know I have), and continue north or east on day 2 depending on what you want to see or what route you want to take.
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  8. Adelaide.
    you could do coastal and back via grampians or follow the murray and come back from the north. should be able to avoid snow/ice and shitney traffic (which extends down past kangaroo valley as far as clear riding is concerned).

    leave early, great ocean rd, cape otway, etc etc. on the sunday to beat the traffic, or go the other way and come pack via ocean rd (sunlight behind you in the arvo for the ocean rd)

    realistically, 500km a day isn't much but doing it every day if you're not used to it and you might want a day off so its not a bad km budget, so you can do say 3500km. you'd just make it to byron bay but you'd be knackered and then have to ride back. more likely you'd get stuck around sydney. save that trip for summer when you can go via Cann river and Canberra, or via Thredbo (black spur or reefton, lake eildon etc.)
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  9. A week - I can only dream...
    I'll leave the details to the locals but I'd be aiming to include the Bonang, then Imlay/Mt Darragh/Brown Mountain on the way up to Kangaroo Valley and Macquarie. Would want to try out Bells Line, Putty and Wisemans, but I suppose Oxley is the obvious goal.
    If the trip is right now, snow would put me off the high country.
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  10. Thanks to all these great suggestions!

    The trip can be in the next few weeks, a month, whenever really (sooner rather than later) as I'm just going to take a week off.

    Very interested in heading West as I haven't been out that way in many years so it gives me a chance to see some new scenery whereas I have traveled through VIC, NSW and QLD a lot.
  11. if you're up for company let us know which way you choose cause the adelaide guys or those of us in NSW may come and do a stint with you. (i havent done Mac pass for a while)
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  12. Definitely. It'd be interesting to catch up with some other riders along the way!

    I guess I should also state that I'm still on my Ls and haven't gotten around to doing the test yet (very, very slack) but I'd rather be out riding.
  13. I'll bring a 250 :)
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  14. Keep in mind in NSW top speed when on L's is 80 klm/hr
  15. I already looked into this when I traveled to Tassie earlier this year. I am required to follow the license restrictions on the license I was issued. So into NSW with Hi-Vis vest but posted speed limits.
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  16. My GF just stopped riding when we came to NSW cause of this crap. She just waited for the restrictions to end. Now she has a full license but basically has to learn to ride again.... the system's working well!
  17. Well there you go and yes you're correct, i wasn't sure but just checked and it's all there in black and white

    Speed limits

    An interstate or overseas learner, when driving in NSW,must not drive/ride faster than the posted speed limit or any lesser maximum speed limit if one is applied to your licence by your home state or country
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  18. #18 cjvfr, Aug 19, 2015
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2015
    Things out West are fairly flat until you get into SA DonJuanDonJuan. Are you intending to go as far as Adelaide? Personally if I had a week and wanted to camp.

    Day 1: Melbourne to Anglers Rest Camp on the Banks of the Cobungra river just across the bridge from the Blue Duck pub.Check opening times it is closed in Winter. Even if it is closed you could camp but just not get any food you would have to carry food in.

    Day 2: Anglers Rest to Jingellic An easier day the Pub has a camp ground directly below it on the river. You can stroll 50metres and have a counter meal. This includes the Granya Gap run.

    Day 3: Jingellic to Marlo There is a caravan park in Marlo you may be able to get a cabin.

    Day 4: Marlo to Khancoban This is the signature Bonang road, very twisty. There is a caravan park on the lake at Khancoban

    Day 5: Khancoban to Melbourne This route comes back by the Whitfield to Mansfield run.

    At this point you should take stock if you want to do the extra 2 days, if you haven't done a lot of touring bike fitness is a different thing and 5 days of riding may be enough for you.

    None of this is really High Country, depending on your time of year the Alpine routes may be still snowed in. All these routes I have given are all year roads.
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  19. That looks awesome cjvfrcjvfr , when are we going? :D

    Mind you, I would be absolutely r00ted after such an excursion.

    DonJuanDonJuan , this would be an excellent ride. I can vouch that Day 2 would be extra awesome. You might be looking for a day off after that. Blue Duck to Mitta Mitta is an excellent road.
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  20. I did L's a bit over a year ago now, and I could swear the limit for learners on motorbikes is 90. I'll look it up when I get a minute