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Touring gear, sleeping bags, tents, matres, food, cooking, e

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Woodsy, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. Ok, i'm starting to put together some touring gear, i can always stay at a caravan park or motel but i actualy like camping in the bush next to a river some times.

    Ok here goes
    Bags, i've got the 45l and 35l verntura bags that zip together + a tank bag
    I have one of those 2 man nylon tents that rolls up smallish
    self inflating matress is pretty small
    Just bought a small 0c sleeping bag
    now what about cooking gear, any sugestions?? stove, pots, pans, utensiles, etc
    Food, the continental past things are lite and chuck in a tin of tuna and it's a meal, water, what else?

    Other stuff required, anti mozie stuff (bushman with 30%deet), tooth brush, 2 in 1 shampoo, dunny paper, shower in a can

    I pack everything in green garbage bags just in case it rains

  2. A can opener...
    I went away last year, in the car too I might add.
    And we were all happy campers til we discover we didn't have a bloody can opener :wink:
    I have a set of plastic plates n stuff, but I am intending on getting stainless, I have a small cast iron fry pan, and I also take a jaffle iron for toasted sanga's, you can get fold up ones.
    I've never gone camping on the bike, but I am keen.
    I guess it would be easy if you were with others and can share the load of carrying the cooking equipment.
    Make sure ya let me know when ya go camping, I would love to join you, I have a 3 man dome tent with a vestibule to park my bike :p

    Edit: get a honda goldwing and a huge trailer... like them old farts Ulysess.
    I saw a few at the GP....one even had a microwave and a coffee machine in the trailer :rofl:
  3. TOILET PAPER!!!!! :LOL:

    Try and get one of those strap things that turn a mattress into a seat very cool.

    a woman blow or real is fine :grin: :grin:
  4. Yeah yeah do the camp thing all ya like guys ... if your ever up this way & the heat just gets a bit to much Moi will be here with her aircon, hot & cold running water, comfy bed :p

    I dont do camping unless I really really have to, oh wait, no I dont have to, caravan parks have cabins :LOL:

    Dont forget your first aid kit, shovel to dig a hole :LOL:
  5. Put another log on the fire, cook me up some bacon and some beans,then go out to the car and change my tyre, wash my socks and sew my ol blue jeans c'mon baby you can..... :LOL:

    Jokes aside a deck of cards won't go astray along with a bottle of Jim Beam :).

    Have fun and don't forget mozzy repellent and whatever gets rid of those little buzzzy flies and snakes :LOL:

    Oh apart from tiolet paper marshmellows are a must :).
  6. at camping stores you can get these little camp stove things. they run off kerosine and are the size of a pot. its like one upside down pot with a kero burner in the bottom, then another pot clips in right way up and you put a smaller pot on top of that one to cook your food in. they are real handy. once i find the name for these things ill post it up.

    it all packs up into the size of a small pot minus the handle. and can fit knives and forks in it aswell.

    just rang my lil sis...there called tangeas or trangula or something like that.
  7. Re: Touring gear, sleeping bags, tents, matres, food, cookin

    Just hit google and build up a list - cross off all the junk you wont need.


    I would bring the TP as mentioned above, and also a kidney cup is useful - replaces both a cup, kettle, pots etc etc.

    Go to an op-shop and buy yourself a "spork" (or "splade" if ur american). we paid 20c for ours and it has a spoon, fork knife built in. And before anyone asks - NO you dont cut your mouth on the serated edge :p

    Pocket knife/multi-tool - use for bike and camping

    Some string usually comes in handy - just thin stuff that can be used for putting up a tarp (if u dont bring one and need one, use a garbage bag - cut open and spread out)
    Any more help? pm me
  8. Re: Touring gear, sleeping bags, tents, matres, food, cookin

    before you leave;
    - collect up everything you think you might need

    make three piles on the floor;
    1) absolute essentials
    2) would be nice to have
    3) naah, can get away without it

    - pack (1)
    - leave (2) & (3) behind

    - go away and enjoy how light your bike is :grin:

    - buy any 'necessity' that arises along the way :oops:

    when you get home;
    - as you unpack, make a list of everything
    - also, add stuff you wished you had along the way :idea:
  9. yeah trangias

    they are very expensive, quite heavy too, and they always smell of kero etc because they leak, i dont like them because of the fire danger. Theres a little tub in the middle of the two pots that is filled with kero - not a good thing to spill. Im a bit biased because these thing bring back bad memories. :cry: no i wont say anymore on that. :p

    I spose u are doing a little bit of camping - i reckon either
    a) - buy yourself a kidney cup
    b) - get yourself a pot from home/op shop and lash it to the back of the bike - if it gets dented etc no worries - run off a log fire

    fuel choices?
    * heximene tablets (hexi tabs for short - scietific name is even longer :roll: ) - compact but take a while to boil
    * - wood fire - fire laws???
    * - stove - $$ but fast boiling :)
  10. Based on the times (not as often as I would like) I have been out solo I can offer the following.

    - Dunny paper is VITAL! Many campsites have dunnys but rarely paper. If no dunny then a shovel and a windsurfing tree are your best bet.

    - For cooking I prefer fire, but still take gas for sites without fireplaces and for instant heat quick cups of tea on the move. Mine was cheap at $25 from ebay, but can vary. A billy works on fire and stove so I use that for boiling and cooking. There are stoves that run of a multude of fuels (inc the MSR Wisperlite Intl that can burn unleaded) but they cost more usually.

    - Have a bowl to eat from, a stainless steel mug to drink from and some cutlery from a camping store that fits together nicley in a thing with a can opener. If you forget kinves and forks you can get away with sticks and hands. A splade/spork is also a good choice

    - Foodwise 'just add water' things are quick and easy and don't require other ingrediants. Canned food is even quicker, but having to carry around empty cans can be annoying. Also they don't pack as tight since they have the water in the cans already. Look around camping websites and you will probably find people who spend a lot of time finding yummy food. Salt and pepper is an idea.

    - A few cut up scourers for cleaning the caked on food on the bills is a good idea. For fire, don't forget the matches/lighter and paper for easy starting.

    - For showering I get away with taking a quick dip in a creek/river and scrubing without soap. For an overnights someimtes I just put up with the smell (but have a sleeping bag liner so it is easier to wash). The smell is part of the atmoshpere.

    - For your tent it is a good idea to put a groundsheet/tarp under it so the floor of the tent doesn't get ripped.

    - A proper seat is nice, but a good log by the fire is almost as good.

    - Some spare clothes to sleep in is essential (I go for trackys myself). If camping you can get away with washing/carrying less as long as you change socks and undies.

    - I have DEET stuff, but havn't ever really needed it yet since I seem to get lucky with campsite choice.

    - Take some spare glad bags to put dirty things, or leaking containers in.

    You can get away with surprisingly little if you are willing to do away with some comforts.

    For a longer trip I would probably carry more toiletries, or just stay in a motel/campground every couple nights to use their showers.
  11. Get yourself a Trangia camp stove. Brilliant and small.
  12. ok you need a candle or torch by candle light :), oh we forgot a doobie :), we need sounds any ideas?, depends on taste.
    Oh ok this is a good one, a piece of board to put your stand down on just in case the ground is really soft :LOL:
  13. Some people swear by Trangias and some people swear at them. It is true that little else does as much in as small a space and lasts as long.

    It is also true that they always seem to stink of metho and that smell gets through your other stuff unless you individually pack the trangia in something almost air and liquid tight.

    For weekend use I prefer those mini gaz cartridge stoves (or one of the clones), they also have mini gaz camping lights. I have always been able to pick up gas cartridge refills along the way wherever I've been.

    Having said that I don't camp 300kms away from anywhere for 2 weeks at a time and if you do then a Trangia (or a fire) is a better choice.

    Have a look here for a good round up :)


    For some info on other types of stoves try here...

  14. no stove needed you make your own fire, grab sticks and start rubbing :grin:
  15.  Top
  16. I also do the bike camping thing and have owned the same trangia for 10 years. Highly recommended.

    Never had a problem with leaking metho as the burner has a screw lid with an oring seal. Just make sure that the oring is in good condition and the lid is screwed on tight. To keep the oring in good nick do not screw the lid on the burner until it has cooled down a bit. Come to think of it I have never replaced the oring either.

  17. Most things already been covered, but maybe an inflatable pillow or at least a pillow case that you can throw some clothes into to act as a pillow if you want one.

    As for small food agree with rice / pasta & packs, tin fish, soups, stews. Cereal boxes like the kids variety pack ones. Coffee/tea/sugar sachets like motels. Salt & pepper, sauce, mayo sachets like from fast food outlets. Long life milk mini tubs or mini tetra packs like prima orange juice thingys from supermarkets. Chewing gum if you forget toothbrush & paste (ewww).

    Other little stuff soap, panadol, band aids, comb, pair of sunnies, ipod, torch, string & pegs (instant clothesline), facewasher & hand towels if you dont want to lug full size towel, thongs for creek washes, tool kit for the bike, house keys, wallet, disposable camera, credit card & mobile phone :grin:
  18. On the whole stove issue, I've used trangias and portable gas burner stoves quite a bit, when going on multiple day hiking trips. I think trangias are great value, they last for years, but can be a little fiddly to use. It can be a bit fiddly to adjust the flame to the right cooking temperature. I've never had a problem with metho leaking or smelling out all my gear. I have replaced the o-ring in the burner once, at a cost of a few dollars. They are quite light, pack neatly and you get two pots/bowls, and a frypan all in a single package. Plus they work very well in windy or wet conditions. On most hiking trips I don't take an extra bowl or plate, and just eat directly out of the trangia saucepans.
    Portable gas burners like this are a bit easier to use and adjust the cooking temperature. You need to buy sepparate pots, and if you aren't careful the pots can fall off the burner and tip your dinner all over the ground. And they don't work well in the wind unless you shield them somehow.
    The other option is white fuel/ shellite/ whatever burners. To be honest, I've seen so many of these fail to work when people really needed them, that I wouldn't bother with one. Most of them require some kind of maintainence, which gas burners and trangias don't.

    If you are looking for light, quick meals, try camping stores for 'BackCountry Cuisine' dehydrated meals. You add boiling water, wait 10mins, and then you have a reasonably tasty, hot meal. Just buy double serve sizes, a single serve is about enough to feed a small mouse, while the double size is a good dinner.
  19. Ok then i'll start a list.

    Garbage bags, 3 big green ones
    Torch, the shaker LED one with no batteries OR a small Maglite
    Digi Camera
    MP3 player
    Phone charger
    5m nylon cord
    emergency contact info in your wallet (it's the obvious place for people to look)
    Tool kit
    Leatherman (or similar)
    cable ties
    100mph tape
    Ground sheet

    The bathroom:
    Dunny paper
    tooth brush
    tooth paste
    2 in 1 shampoo (this can double as soap and dish washing liquid me thinks) or may be this http://www.msrgear.com/packtowl/soap.asp
    Shower in a can
    camping towl (thanks Inci) http://www.msrgear.com/packtowl/ultralite.asp
    sunscreen/mozie repelent (Bushman is best i've found)
    Imodium (riding with the sh1ts NOT fun)

    Stove http://www.grangerscampingworld.com.au/stovesfuel.asp
    Metho (or do you leave this in Trangia? how long does a full Trangia last?)
    2L water http://www.grangerscampingworld.com.au/graphicswater/travellers.jpg
    packet foord, soup, pasta, etc http://www.grangerscampingworld.com.au/freezedri.asp
    dried fruit
    knife/fork/spoon/canopener http://www.grangerscampingworld.com.au/graphicscooking/chowsetdlx.jpg

    small tent
    sleeping bag
    Self inflate matress
    Pillow (i use one of the ventura bags)

    Riding jacket
    Riding boots
    t shirt
    wet weather gear
    Neck warmer
  20. oops double post sorry