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Touring boots

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Wigan Warrior, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. Can anyone recommend a mid range pair of touring boots?

    I got a pair from bikers gear in Phillip island, but dont think they will last long as zippers keep popping and inside support already starting fold on heel. Just want plain, waterproof high top boots for around $250.

  2. The Rjays 'Edge' boots have been good to me the last couple of years.........
    have bought the more expensive brands and they were hopeless

  3. Falco Axis - I've had my pair about 3 years now. Can wear them all day easily. Have been waterproof right up to my last trip in some pretty insane conditions.

    Gear change pad, shin protector, ankle guard. Just bought a pair for my son and would happily get another pair for me.
  4. Try Medal boots in fitzroy just off Gertrude Street. Hand made fit like a glove and last really well. You will find them in the white pages
  5. Is there anywhere in Melbourne that sells RJays so can try them on?

    I heard SIDI boots are good, but cannot find any stockists in Melbourne
  6. AMX stocks both, best local prices.

    SIDI are the best of the best, but far cheaper to buy from o/s

    you are going to pay more for waterproof regardless of brand
    and more again for gore-tex

    delivery from the states varies 25-60 bucks depends where you buy, best to search for closeouts, maybe 10-15 days to deliver to your door
    delivery from the UK may cost more again, but we're doing A.o.k against the pound or euro of late
    beware of dodgy copies and counterfeit products on eGay, most big name brands have cheap chinese replicas at prices too good to be true.
  7. Falco Mercury. Had a pair for ten years and they still look good, hold together and keep water out. Good boots.
  8. I've had a pair of Sidi's for 5 years (quite a good bit of that involved daily commuting in all weather)

    I love em so much that I'm looking to get another pair of Sidi's to replace them.
  9. Anyone know any sidi suppliers in Melbourne?