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Touring Boots vs Racing vs High ankle - Preference?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Djamba, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. So I own a pair of S-MX1Boots which I am generally quite happy with. They are comfy and I cant really complain....except that lately I have been thinking about the amount of protection they actually provide.

    I appreciate that for most things they will be sufficient but I am a person who likes to get the best I can afford if it will provide me better protection so I've been looking into perhaps getting a pair of these TCX Competizone S Goretex as they are highly rated by MCN for protection without going as far as buying a pair of Sidi Vortice racing boots.

    Now to put this all into perspective I don't race, I'm on my Ls (Soon to be Ps) and I ride a 2007 Hyosung GT650. I do however ride it everyday to work and at the weekends when not diving. In just over 2 months of riding on my Ls I have put over 2,500Ks on my bike and plan to continue using it at a simillar level.

    I am looking for something that is going to give me a level of Torsion protection as well as Ankle Protection while being waterproof and breathable.... suggestions welcome

  2. I was wearing touring boots when I got knocked off my bike. Didn't break anything but couldn't walk for a day as my ankles were too sore. My leg was stuck under the bike and I ended up with massive bruising to my calf. These days I wear SMX plus which are low end race boots. Lots of ankle support.
  3. Depends, if I'm off down the bottlo or hardware store then sneakers or Rossi elastic sided boots. If I'm going for a ride in the hills I wear road bike boots with ankle and lower shin protection.
    Everyone you ask will have a different view, its a personal thing. Wear what you are comfortable with IMHO.
  4. Your short ones are similar to the Diadora I have and the other similar to the Forma Touring I have. I bought the Forma for the same reasons you are considering a Touring Boot.

    Forma Touring is fairly recent for me and am not used to them yet despite trying to wear them in. If I adjust the gear lever they would be better but then it would be too high for the shorter ones so it's a case of getting used to them.

    Still, I'd wear the shorter ones if I intend to do a lot of walking. I can leave them on all day (also have left the Touring on all day to try and get used to them but mainly just around home).
  5. Apart from riding to the local shops I wear these. I've had them nearly a year now and hardly any wear showing. Bought from Suzi dealer in Port Pirie, SA


    For the ride down the supermarket I just use the Big W version of Rossi elastic sided boots.

    Most of our riding now is on country roads and towns with maybe three or four trips a year to Adelaide.
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  7. Thanks for the input guys. I think I am going to get myself the boots when I get back from my holidays. I change my shoes when I get to work each day anyway so it's really just for while on the bike.
  8. I prefer touring boots. Much more comfortable than race boots.

    If I did track days (or raced) then I'd invest in a pair of race boots (and two piece race suit).
  9. I own both the tcx you mention and the sidis.

    the tcx, go for it, take a sledge hammer to my ankle, hell grab a chainsaw and have a go. no wait, go find a steam roller and i'll lie down in front of it.
    I won't even notice. I won't feel a thing.
    plus they're rated for like 12 seconds abrasion resistance. how am I going to do that. who the hell slides for 12 seconds.
    but for feel, they suck ass. for walking around in, they suck ass.

    go the sidis. nothing compares. feel is like you're not even wearing boots.
    and apart from re-soles they will last you forever.

    most touring boots don't really have much to offer for impact protection. which is the more likely scenario in street riding. you won't slide far before you hit something. better brands will at least have heel and toe cups, steel shanked soles.
    but for fracturing bones they ain't doing shit. best you can hope for is they aid to keep your bones inside your skin.
    mine didn't. so I bought me some sidis
  10. Which model Sidis do you have @MONKEYMAN?
  11. vertigo corsa.
    about 10 years old .
    you can still buy them online around 300 bucks. but replacement parts would be harder to find.
    cost me twice that back then.
  12. Anybody wear MX boots for commuting? I don't need the abrasion resistance of a race boot but would like something with more support than my touring boots (which also happen to leak a little so I'm in the market).
  13. I am thinking of getting some of these, got all the right bits without the boy racer look. $545 or thereabouts.

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  14. MX boots are pretty clunky. Low end race boots or adventure boots might be a better go.

  15. Rossi 801 Duo. Great commuting boot, waterproof and very comfortable. You can literally walk all day in them and forget you are wearing a 'protective' boot. Big thumbs up. The trade-off is less rigidity around the ankle / shin.
  16. I reckon my fave boots were the smx-r. Good protection but easy enough to walk without squeaking too much, easy on off.... Just wish I go the goretex lined version. Sadly they on make them now... Dumb.. I think some of Hondas product development guys migrated to a-stars.
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