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Touring boots vs Racing boots

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by josh909, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. So who can tell me the pros and cons of each?

    I'm off to buy new boots this weekend so any help would be appreciated. Basically I'm not adverse to spending a bit as I have broken my left ankle twice and my right once when I was younger (skate or die :LOL: ) and they aren't in quite as good nick as they once were.

    Cheers guys :D
  2. Well, I have a pair of Rossi Senora touring boots $200 which I can comfortably wear all day, and ride with in the wet. They serve my purposes and look fine poking out the bottom of jeans. They are actually my most comfortable 'shoes' and I wore 'em to a gig the other week!

    Jordan recently bought a pair of AlpineStars race boots $400. He bought them cos 1. he plans to get on the track at some point, and 2. he had heard about Sanzy the day before and decided that more armour = better. He has to change the boots at work as they are far from comfortable, especially to walk in and the soles appear quite thin and will wear easily. Having said that, I do belive that Sanzy was wearing a pair of race boots when he had his off, and he now has more metal in his body that all my piercings combined...

    So, yeah.
  3. I have never worn racing boots (don't race - a man has to know his limitations) but my Falco touring boots are the best boots I've ever owned. They are waterproof, look fine worn as shoes under jeans and on the tour of Vic (Victoria, not Vic) that I did at Christmastime they were the only shoes that I took and they were fine for all purposes.

    I spend a lot of time with racing riders as part of my race commentary gig and I would think that race boots would not be a wear-all-day proposition.
  4. Hey RC36 i just checked out those boots online and they look GREAT! Definately on the cards as boots i might get myself now. Italian leather and a nicely designed boot and man they look COMFORTABLE. At a price of $220 i think they would be a good buy.

    Falco Touring Boots

  5. I had a pair of Falco Touring boots. They fell apart after a year. They looked good and were very comfortable, but yep, after a year of use, fell apart. (sole came off was worst bit)

    As to racing boots vs touring boots.

    Racing boots provide better protection, esp with ankle support. They are very rigid, like ski boots. You can't walk in them (or walk far in them comfortably).

    Touring boots normally have less ankle protection, so you can actually walk in them.

    I have a pair of Gaerne something boots (think SP). Walkable, but with a bit of ankle protection. I still change shoes when I get to work though.
  6. Hello there,

    I found Medal Boots (in Melbourne though) brilliant -just over $300, and custom made to you. You can also ask for increased strength in different bits of the boots, and the leather is top notch. My pair have done more than a few Kms now in all sorts of conditions. They are more of a touring style though.


  7. I've heard stories of people's medal boots lasting for over 10 years as well. I'm prob going to do a run doing to Melbourne very shortly to get a pair made up.
  8. I had a pair of these boots for a year. Used them almost every day. They fell apart. I've got them under my desk at work (got to get around to tossing them out).

    Basically sole seperated from shoe (on both). The leather tore around the zip area as well. Lasted a little over a year.

    I used them daily though, with a bit of walking around when touring (at work normally changed into another pair of shoes). They were very comfortable though.
  9. Mmm, perplexing. I've had mine for about 3 years now and given them a fair old hiding and they still look like new! I polish them regularly, but that's all the special care they get.
  10. Racing boots have 'bling' and are generally not waterproof
    Touring boots don't have 'bling' and are generally waterproof
  11. Mouth wins the "Economy" award for summing up the answer in the fewest words possible.
  12. Hi Josh,
    I have got several different types of boots,
    Depends on what am doing,
    I had done major ankle damage in the past, in a work accident. (Right ankle)

    Racing type
    Oxtars (see pic to left of page),
    Full ankle support, hinged ankle, Kevlar lined with carbon fibre ankle cells,
    Zip plus Velcro fastening, great in the wet.
    I use for long rides, esp. on mountain roads,
    Great support, not good to walk around in, ankle hinges restrict movement.

    Akita Bike Boots
    Hiking look boots, low cut, just above ankle height,
    6 hole (for a comparison to Doc Martins)
    British made bike boots, Waterproof and insulated,
    Great to walk in, used as hiking and riding boots (for short rides),
    good ankle support but not as good as the Oxtars. Comfortable, good all round boots.

    Rossi Roads
    Full shin height boots, Zip and Velcro fasteners, great in the wet,
    OK to walk around in, soles of the boots are fairly hard and not as flexible as the Akita’s
    but have pretty good ankle support. Look good when polished, even wear when going out with jeans on.
    (have sold em now),
    These where like an intermediate boot between the other 2 types,
    but I think did not quite made it as a Race or an everyday boot.

    Hope that helps,
  13. Kaer et al,

    Medal boots have moved to behind their original shop on Getrude Street, Fitzroy - and let their son set up a computer shop at the front. Access is via the laneway to the east of teh old shop.

    Just in case - I've got no affiliation etc etc, I just think their boots are brilliant, and now the shop is a bit harder to find unless you know the area!


  14. I find that a bit odd too. I've had my Falcos for more than 6 years now and don't have any problems with them. They're looking pretty second hand in finish these days (haven't polished them ... er ... ever) but still holding together great. No complaints.
  15. Well since i have been mentioned i better make a comment.

    I had a set of Daytona boots, They were basicly touring boots with toe sliders on them. I bought them as they had decent ankle support and were the right price as they were end of model (i payed about $160 for the set brand new).

    After my accident i have learnt a few things about boots and what to look for. I would now look for the best ankle protections you can have. My ankle injury was caused when my foot has been caught between the bike and car and the rest of me has moved, i belive i may have minimised some of the damage if the ankle area had more stiffness in it.

    But that is just me pleanty of people have touring boots without all the hard plastic armour and have never had a problem so please make your own mind up.

    PS Flashfire you have reminided me i need to put all of my piercings back in some time soon.
  16. Maybe I got a bad pair. But nope, falling to pieces. They were pretty cheap as well, under $200 when I got them. I even got them when I was down in Melbourne.
  17. I've got an eight year old pair of Medals and another about five. Still going strong.
    Unfortunately, haven't been able to find race boots with the width and the depth to suit me. So there's no bling for me.
  18. Shite. I have a pair of Daytona Flash boots at the moment. Might have to go shopping this weekend...
  19. thanks for all the replies. taking into account everyone's comments and suggestions, and right now i'm leaning towards a set of SIDI race boots that have the advantage of being waterproofed as well. shall report back once i've handed over the cash...
  20. I have the SIDI's (cant remember the model numver) they have the waterproof lining as well. I would not call them "race boot" but more so a reinforced road boot. They are not too bad once broken in, as long as you are not walking great distances. They do squeek when walking so people will hear you coming. When new they are quite stiff then like magic they become soft (broken in). They are quite adjustable especially around the calves. For what I would call a "full race" boot would mean very uncomfortable to walk in and very unlikely to be waterproof. But that is just my opinion. The SIDI's are a good boot and a good comprimise IMHO.