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Tourer Servicing

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by spenze, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. Does anyone have any servicing information about the following bikes;
    • Triumph Sprint
    • BMW F800ST
    • VFR800

    I'm curious if any of them any oddities to be aware of that may increase their service costs. For example;
    • bike specific spark plugs
    • need to remove the engine to change (or just hard to get at) spark plugs
    • weird oil filter
    • short maintenance times/kilometers (on shims or other not easily accessible components)
    • need to remove anything to do an oil change
    • inaccesible air filters

    As for ongoing costs, I've found that the VFR is incredibly thirsty on fuel (my google seems to show its about the same as my car) and the BMW is apparently the exact opposite.

  2. VFR Also needs valve adjustments every 24000ks. And seeing as its 16 valves it gets quite expensive.
  3. I have the BMW F800ST.
    Service costs (10,000 km / 12 month interval) have been very reasonable so far.
    About half that my workmate pays for her Street Triple.
    Oil filter is a spin on car type on the front of the sump. Oil drain plug is right there on the side of the sump (no belly pan so extremely accessible).
    Access to the coolant filler is a pain in the neck requiring the removal of two body panels, 18 screws and the right hand mirror.
  4. Thanks for the info.

    I've just bought a VFR800x.