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Tour to Bendigo

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by reggie, Oct 6, 2009.

  1. :beer: Just returned from Bendigo yesterday evening.
    Decided to go riding about a month ago with 3 mates and we took some time to organise as all have our own buisnesses.We ended up looking at the labor day weekend here in SA and had always planned on staying with the parents of one of our riders.
    We then became aware of the bike expo that weekend and that was it.
    The trip started at 5 am saturday it was wet and we were well prepared and just hoped we would be able to strip down as the day went on.
    We picked up a tagger on at Tailembend who looked about 50-60 years old and was riding a realy nice duke.He said he was going to Bendigo to house sit for his son. We said we were going to Bendigo too and that he was welcome to come along.
    We road all day stopping for a smoke about every hour or so and for fuel when needed.We get to Whychieproof (I hope thats right) and Barry the retired Jeweller from Hopevalley SA decides to let us know he is 74 Bloody years old:eek:
    What legend here we are riding 40 somethings and complaining about shoulder and neck soreness shit!
    Well done Baz nice to have ridden with you I hope I can still at 74 too.

    Bendigo Bike Expo:
    To all who organised this event well done!
    Was a great turn out of customs and accessories etc,To all the major suppliers you missed an opportunity to really go out and Bendigo is not that far from Melbourne.
    We were looking forward to seeing what new bikes are on offer but the big boys didnt bother so your loss, there were 2 of us cashed up for an updated ride.Thanks to the local dealers for displaying what they could well done.
    The real display was on the oval where nearly 150 bikes of all makes and styles stood awsome. Last but not least a BIG thanks to Spyke who was on the oval gate and put a massive smile on 4 old boys faces by remotely firing his Boulavard 109R and quaking the ground for us awsome mate thanks heaps.
    We hope to do it again next year who knows?\\:D/

  2. excellent!!
  3. Glad u enjoyed urself...
    I was at the expo too although i didnt think it was much chop...Loved the huge crowd of bikes out on the oval tho and did enjoy the little performance put on by some rider in a fenced off section as part of the expo entertainment... front wheel wheelies etc...