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Tour of Triumph factory

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by [FLUX], Jan 17, 2008.

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    Found this interesting little video made by Superbike magazine, taking you through a tour of the Triumph factory, following the production of a Daytona 675.

  2. Is there a version where he speaks English? :?
  3. Great video.
  4. Great vid ... like how they do pretty much everything onsite ...

    How's that for a stable hand for the custom painter??
  5. Great video really shows some insight into manufacturing motorcycles
  6. always liked triumph...now i know what they do i like em ev more...id assume this is pretty standard for all companys?
  7. Hey, one of those could have been mine in production! or not....
    That would be interensting to know..
    I doubt Yamaha has a dude painting the lines by hand!
  8. but you don't pay Triumph prices for Yamahas.......
  9. It's like watching baby movies of my girlfriend....wait my 675 IS my girl :grin:
  10. i like the vid but the spoof one they did was hilarious (need to find that one)
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  12. Very cool vid.

    They're much gentler than some other manufacturers. Quality control at one well known plant involves bouncing the engine off the rev limiter for 10 seconds upon completion of the build. Either it survives (pass), or it doesn't. Ever wonder why the exhaust is already blued on bikes straight out of the crate?

    Makes careful run-in techniques seem a bit farcical when your bike has already had its gut wrung out on a dyno or bench.
  13. Interesting comment. In the USA, the 675 is cheaper than the R6. Both Triumph and Yamaha dealers will compete by reducing prices in the USA too.

    In Australia, they're also about the same price, but the difference here is that Triumph dealers won't move on price.
  14. ..but there are more Yams the Trumps..
    Good Vid... Must say that Dyno run looked a bit dodge..
    and im glad for the UK that they actually can produce something thats a winner.. /wink.
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    *Black Adder episode being played in front of bike*

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: