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Tour of Australia on second hand adventure type bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Flemming, Jun 13, 2016.

  1. Hi, I am a Danish guy flying in to Brisbane mid-August to buy a motorcycle and drive to Darwin, Perth and ???
    I intend to stay 10 days in Brisbane to find a bike and get accustomed to the bike and Australia, before heading out to the west.
    Can anybody in here help with advice regarding registration of motorcycle, insurance, where to get the last camp gear and maybe suggestions to things to see?
    Looking forward to hear good advice.

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    Welcome to netrider FlemmingFlemming. sjmhosjmho has done a huge trip around Australia recently on a 250cc bike, read about it here: 250cc 14000km Round Australia - there should be plenty of information for you there.

    Start here to find out more about vehicle registration in Queensland Register a vehicle or boat | Transport and motoring | Queensland Government

    If you hold a motorcycle license already, see here for information on driving on your international license Driving in Queensland on an interstate or overseas licence | Transport and motoring | Queensland Government

    Hope this helps, enjoy your trip and we hope to see a few photos from your adventure!
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  3. Welcome :cool:

    If you're planning on doing a fair bit of dirt then some sort of dual sport/trail would be good. Check out the links _wheel__wheel_ posted and maybe also have a look at the Suzuki DR-Z400, DR650 or the Yamaha WR250. If you need to carry a fair bit of stuff and will be on more tar than dirt, take a look at the DL650 VStrom or equivalent.
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  4. In my opinion the ride from Brisbane to Perth via Darwin is just about the most boring stretch you could choose. There are a few nice spots, but very long stretches of very little to look at and you will have to be very organized with your fuel. If I would want to see a good deal of Australia, I would focus on the East Coast and the coastline of Victoria up to South Australia.
  5. Absolutely: whywould you come 12,000 miles of boredom on a plane to spend 12,000 miles of boredom on a bike??????
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  6. Hey mate, I'm in Brisbane so if you need anything give me a shout.

    You should definitely do Fraser Island while you're here.
  7. Thanks for the good advice
  8. I have done the east coast from Sydney to Cooktown and through the middle down to Adelaide earlier. I plan to do stops to hike in the national parks and to dive off the western Australia coast. And see whatever else there might be.
  9. Fruechtel is kind of right, that a lot of the best riding is around the hills between Sydney and Melbourne, and in Tasmania. But the weather is at it's worst that time of year.
    The centre has some amazing places to visit but the roads are very long and very straight. But I understand that sometimes a journey is about the iconic nature of a place and not just the best roads. Just be aware of the climate and geography, and equip yourself accordingly.
    The centre is dry and cool at that time of year, and the far north is dry. So it's a good time to visit.
  10. The roads themselves may be mostly long,straight highways, but the scenery across northern and western Australia is spectacular and would be amazing to take in aboard a bike. I reckon something along the lines of a DR650 would be the go, allowing you to get off road, and still eat up long fast highway stints.
  11. From your comment: "get accustomed to the bike and Australia" I presumed that you had not ridden in Australia before. If you know what you are letting yourself in for, then I do wish you all the best for your trip. If you have got the endurance and the right equipment this could be a fantastic trip for you. I would prefer to do a trip like this in some company, sharing can double the fun and half the risks. But I can also understand those who want to do it solo. Have fun!
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    1 Make sure you have an international licence when you arrive as it will save a lot of time ( and $).
    2 Roads in Australia don't allow the sort of high speeds you may be used to in Europe so a smaller bike may be enough , but 250 cc sounds too small to me maybe 850 to 1000 cc.
    3 I used to have a BMW 1150 GS but I found it was too heavy too haul around on dirt roads, I now have a DR 650 Suzuki which is about the right size but I am facing a lot of extra cost putting racks and a bigger fuel tank on it. Accessories are usually imported in Australia, so they may be more expensive than in Europe.
    4 If you are not going to ride on dirt you will be a lot more comfortable on a touring bike with a fairing.
    5 One more thing, Australia is huuuuge. So it won't be like touring in Europe. Think of maybe Russia, continental. So you may need to carry extra fuel, clothing for different climatic zones etc. etc. I have a heated jacket now which saves carrying a lot of extra clothing in winter.