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Tour help

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by brit abroad, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. Hello guys and girls. I'm after some info as I'm coming over to Australia in November and have a bike (GS650) for 3 weeks to doing some touring. At the moment all i know is i start and finish in Sydney but want to head in the general direction of Mackay to visit some friends for a few days. In all honesty i know nothing so any advice on routes, roads, equipment to bring, places to sleep etc would be very much apreciated

  2. Sydney, NSW to Mackay, Qld is some thing like 1500 miles. In a straight line,

    Ozzie is not like England, Just Sydney to Brisbane, You have run off the end of England,

  3. done a bit of europe so fairly good at the long haul, figured 200-300 miles a day for 3 weeks is about 4200 - 6200 miles in total, did a route checker and direct is just 1086 miles.
  4. That doesn't take into account re-routing due to dingo attacks, stingers and drop bears.
    And then, Mackay starts to snow in about that time every year...
  5. thats fine, got tins of dog fod for the dingos. stingers i'll shit em. and got my hat so drop bears not reall an issue. plus i ski as well
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  6. If you like hills and twisties, stick within 100km or so of the coast and criss cross the Great Dividing Range. There are some great roads in northern NSW. Look up the Oxley Highway, Thunderbolts Way, Waterfall Way for starters.

    As for places to stay, You can't beat a good country pub. Google pub stay nsw site:.au and pub stay queensland site:.au

    Dingoes prefer their meat to be fresh.

  7. Then you'll do just fine.
    Come out and have a blast :D
  8. The whole East coast of Australia is a mountain Range full of good twisty roads, 100 miles from the coast to inland,

    More than a hundred miles from the coast, dead straight roads, For a bloody long way. Nearly semi arid Desert. To what your used too. Hahahahaha
  9. What is this miles that you talk of?................somebody stuck pre 1975, going to need a time machine as well

  10. I grew up with miles,

    Yanks and Poms still use it,

    He knows what I am talking about, Hahahahaha

    I had Dinosuars for pets,
  11. Showing your age Deadman.

    The 70s are all a blur, and not just because of the clothes

  12. I might be old, but I aint slow,

    Every thing was and is still a blur, Light poles look like a picket fence, But I still can smell the roses, and enjoy the views as I Putt along,

    My clothes have been back in fashion 3 times in my life time, And I dont care about fashion, Hahahahaha

    Wish I was 70. I could go skiing for free,
  13. know the funny thing, him not believeing in drop bears is just like those hidouse humungous frken spiders that eat birds up in far nth queensland, cant remember what they name them but they are colorful from memory, not like the ones on PNG that look like holywood hormoneised dady long legs the ones that that the army guy shoot for fun when trecking thru the bush, anyone got a pic?
  14. You mean the Australian Bird Eating Spider?
    Smartarse pom - I was gonna let him work it out for himself...

  15. thats the little beastie, have heard these babies like to get under the seat area keepin warm near the cly heads lol

    thats a decent bit of spidie isnt it.. I hate spiders but am always the one to get a broom and give a hunstman a piggy back ride to a tree or a bush when the wonder in.. sons 19 n 22 you'd think they were girls lol now if spiders jumped [more then 2 feet] then I'd kill the buggers lol
  16. Do NOT enter into the ocean here,

    Our land based bitys are harmless compared to our ocean Killers, Haahahahahahaha
  17. plus, it's hard to ride the bike back out, find using a surfboard a whole lot easier.