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Tour De Snowys

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by jawntybull, Jan 3, 2009.

  1. A friend and I just came back from a 3 day trip to the Snowys - it was a blast so I thought I would post our story:

    Day 1 - Sydney Oberon Wee Jasper Jugiong - 600km
    The first half of day 1 was great; up through the Blue Mtns, then south from Oberon to Goulburn. This road is now all sealed, and has a great twisty section, very steep, down to the Abercrombie River and back up again. Lunch at the pub at Taralga was pretty good, and we met up with a few other bikers.

    After Goulburn it was a bit of freeway riding before turning on to the Yass Valley rd then to Wee Jasper. This is a great 50km twisty road down to a small one-horse-pub town; unfortunately we were hit be severe storms on the way in so there was not much to see. After Wee Jasper the map showed "unsealed major road" - obviously a cartographer's private joke! The road is narrow, poor quality and quite dangerous (a history of trouble was hinted at by several convex mirrors on dirt hairpins). It was unrideable for me with the smooth road tyres on my GS500. My friend Ross had a dual purpose KLR650 which faired better. At one point my rear tyre was so caked up the bike just slid sideways and off I went. We decided 30km more of this was not a good idea, so turned back to Yass.


    On the way back we stopped to investigate a scraping noise, and found a rock the size of a small peach jammed in where the chain enters the sprocket housing - a disaster waiting to happen!

    By the time we got back to Yass it was getting dark so we kicked on with some hesitation. In the distance we could see a huge mass of black cloud that went all the way down to ground level, peppered by lightning strikes. We pulled in to a motel in Jugiong just in time to hear the crash of a major storm on the tin roof - whew!

    Day 2 - Jugiong to Jindabyne via Tumut, Cabramurra, Khancoban and Thredbo - 400km
    A cool clear morning saw us set off at 7am for Tumut. Day 2 was motorbike heaven - no other way to describe it. The road from Tumut to Kiandra is great sweeping curves, with the fabulous Blowering dam on the right for about 20km.


    If you ever ride the Snowys, a must-ride road is the one up to Cabramurra - Australia's highest town. The BEST twistys I've ever seen, and top-of-the-world views from the lookout.


    The great riding then continues around through Khancoban, Dead Horse Gap and finally to a much needed rest at Jindabyne.

    Day 3 - Jindabyne to Sydney via Braidwood - 600km

    Day 3 started with a wonderful detour through Dalgetty, over the Snowy river, to Cooma. The early start (6am) meant plenty of rabbits, a hare the size of a medium dog, and lots of skippys to dodge - but beautiful early morning clear riding.



    I can recommend the East End cafe in Cooma for breakfast - biker friendly, with plenty of motorbike memorabilia on the walls.

    I have relatives in Braidwood so visited their Olive farm there - lovely town too. Riding down Clyde mountain to the coast would be fantastic if it wasn't for the drizzly rain and the bad-tempered cagers - I was riding cautiously and one of them started blowing his horn at me from behind, and offered me the finger on the way past (P-plater with "I own the road" attitude?). Anyway this raised my hackles a bit so with a twist of the wrist I felt compelled to blast him into a small speck in my mirrors on the next overtaking section - helped by a drier section of road. He never came near me again :)

    Finally, it was join the snail procession through Ulladulla before the lovely scenic ride up through Gerringong. Home in time for dinner too!

    BTW, anyone with a GS or similar - I found my GS500F to be a great small tourer. Enough power for me, sits all day on 100-110, gets up to 160 easily (not on public roads of course! :) ). Good in crosswinds, enough protection from the fairing, and a simple tank bag and tail bag were all I needed for gear. It handled the dirt ok so long as you ride slowly and don't ride just after severe storms!! Amazing range (380km before hitting reserve, with another 120km in the tank). Recommended as a first-time touring bike.
  2. Top marks for a top ride report, Jawnty, and also for getting out there and doing it on a bike that some might consider unsuitable. Well Done!!
  3. Sounds like a great ride. I've just started touring on my GS500F and find it copes easily with it. The dirt section Wee Jasper to Tumut would be fine if it was dry on the GS500.

    For any others interested in going to the Snowy's these 2 sites may be helpful:


    http://www.tumut.nsw.gov.au/ then go to "visitor info" then "safe motorcycling".
  4. Did the same in November,your day 2 was my day 3,a big call but better than the Oxley Hwy,my previous favourite.
  5. Looks fantastic. I'm planning on hitting the Snowy's the end of next week from Canberra and heading up to Cabramurra then on to Tumut. It is a fantastic road up that way.