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Tour de France

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Toecutter, Jul 5, 2008.

  1. Come on Cadel Evans :cool:

    After losing by 23 secs last year, can he be the first Aussie to win?

    Starts SBS tonight at 10pm. The website's great as you can track their progress as well http://www.letour.fr/indexus.html
  2. Viva Le Tour.

    Despite being regularly drug ravaged over the years, I still love watching the tour.

    Cadel has a great chance this year, but I am a sucker for the sprinters. I love watching the massive ego's of these guys as they hurtle towards a line a kay out. They get quite a swagger about being the fastest rider in the world if the win the green jersey. Top stuff and massively dangerous.
  3. 13mins to go..........

    Oh God I'm gonna be tired and grumpy for the next three weeks. :evil:
  4. +1

    ever since SBS started doing the stages live it's been great - even with the lack of sleep

    GO CADEL!!
  5. ya, im sitting here on the laptop on the forums - watching the tour on TV, after just going for a ride (m/bike).. life is good.

    pretty weird its not a time trial this year to start things off....
  6. F#@$ing Gabriel Gate is back! :evil:

    If they must have this tosser on, why on earth can't they at least fly him to France (and leave him there).

    Be interesting to see if Cadel can take it.
  7. Love watching Le Tour. However, I use this nefangled thing we call a VCR to record teh stages and watch them later. Cutting edge baby! :p
    I'd love to get a job one year riding one of those motorcycles.........

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. What is this VCR of which you speak? You mean there exists a device on which you can record things and then play them back?

    Technology is truly a wondrous thing! :p

    Guess I'll just have to go with the good old-fashioned sleep deprivation routine.
  9. A VCR, how quaint.

    Can you still buy tape?

    Love watching the stages live and seeing the feed as it comes from France and not 4hrs condensed into 30mins.

    Don't really care who wins, just as long as it's close. Hanging out for the mountain stages.
  10. Sure can. And tape doesn't have software glitches/digital signal breakdown etc.

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. Yeah but I know the result 6hrs before you do, and I'm an impatient pr#ck, so what am I to do but stay up late......... :LOL:
  12. What a race, Cadel's earned his favouritism with a great ride today

    His hard work has been rewarded and will wear the yellow jersey, and after ten days of riding, leads by a mere one second :shock:

    Rest day Tuesday, so on again Wednesday night :cool:
  13. damn..i fell asleep during the first big climb last night...is there a tougher event in the world?
    c'mon Cadel...only 2 weeks to go :shock:
  14. I like to watch the summary at 6 so the Australian media shits me, because they never give a warning of what they are about to announce. Particularly if the stage as been won by an Aussie.

    And no there is no tougher event. Marathon runners are pussies.
  15. You know, i reckon the tour has no less cheats than any other sporting event. I just think they're honestly try to get rid of the problem and aren't hiding results, they're upfront about it from what I can see and they're strict controls are catching them. I think the number of bustings are more indicative of their efforts rather than the number of cheats in the sport.
  16. I dunno. 5 years ago it was a bit like horse racing or power lifting. The officials knew drugs were rampart but turned a blind eye, because they didn't want to "wreck the sport". I think the past 5 years have been different.

    There's still of lot of old players in the support teams, so some of their attitude is still filtering through. It'll probably take a few more years for cycling to be as clean as say swimming.

    I don't believe all sporting Aussies are clean (a few track riders, a couple of years ago were certainly suspect), but Evans is meant to have a rep as being one of the clean ones. The way he looks to hurt after a stage would suggest it's true. So a victory by a known clean rider could make a big difference to peoples attitude within the sport.
  17. Do you recall when Seamus O'Flaherty, the Irish cyclist who won it, that he did a lap of honor...
  18. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!!!!!!

    Well done Simon Gerrans!

  19. The other two led for pretty much all of the last climb - was a top effort.

    The commentators last night said good for Cadel to "lose the pressure of yellow"

    Well earned rest tonight, then two more days climbing, so hopefully Cadel's not too far off the pace for the time trial.
  20. i love watching the tour. watched it every year for the past 4.

    is there any better late night tv? the only problem is i usually fall asleep before the end