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Tour de France

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Dazza, Jul 22, 2005.

  1. So who else has been watching this mighty bike race :shock:

    Must admit I love it. The team tactics and the strength of the riders is just amazing.

    I have been rapped since SBS started covering it life, been doing it for a good few years now. Use to flip over to SBS in the early years when they were the only ones to have a nightly wrap up of the previous days event. Then they finally went the big step and started showing live the final day into Paris and the Chans le Sais *speeeling* hey I am not a flippin fog :p

    Phil Ligget and Paul Sharwood are awsome commnetators. Well it certainly has been keeping me up all night and buggered during the day. Only a few more nights to go :D

    Just could never get into riding a treddly when I got older........much preferrred the motorised version instead, the lazy bastards version :p :p :p

    Cheers 8)
  2. Pff... Those twerps just haven't realised yet that somebody's invented bikes that do the pedalling for you.
  3. Have no choice without foxtel , it interupted my cricket :evil: :evil: 20 minutes to go .
  4. Anyone else think a Motard de France would be interesting?
  5. i was think my be a tour de-bolte
    start at the city link tunnel over the westagate around the bolte bridge ...stop for refreshments , then down to st kilda and finishing straight off THE END OF THE PIER :D
  6. Dazza, must admit that I tune into the TdeF every year. Average speed of 45+kmph for five hours, shows some stamina. Yesterday, was watching them come down one of the descents and there they were averageing about 62kmph. Awesome on a treadly. All they need now is to televise the Giro d'Italia. Champs-Elysees is the word you required, the Arc de Triopmhe stands at the end, where the riders race to on the final stage.
  7. This is brilliant stuff. Daily unfolding drama.

    I just hate the fact that the media is intent on giving you the result before 6 the next night! Even then it's usually only half the info you need.

    It's even worse if the Aussies are going well.

    Cadel Even is having a blinder. There's some pretty impressive riders in the top ten this year. I mean he's fighting for position with Vinakurov!
  8. yeah I've bene glued to the tour this year aswell, normally I couldn't stand the tights wearing panzies, but it's been pretty full on lately.

    I just love a technical downhill decent @ 65+km/h, crashes are pretty funny to watch aswell they look spaz with their feet stuck to the pedals, when will the peleton realise that 12 riders across into a right angle turn that can only take at most 6 doesn't work.
  9. Top viewing, inspirational stuff.
    Although I liked the original format (pre-wars) where the riders had zero support & the event was a continuous race (24hrs a day) over the 2weeks (back then).
    A great pic from that era of a rider in a blacksmith’s hammering away fixing a broken fork with 2x officials looking on. I think there’s a commemorative plate been placed on the building where it occurred – crazy Frenchies.

    It’s great that Australians feature in world cycling so predominantly, even though the cyclist lot on the roads in Aust can be a tough one.
    A lot of what cyclist face on the roads is similar to motorcyclists – the marginalisation etc, so I suppose there’s a common ‘association’ between the two groups.

    Sure the lycra & leg (body) shaving is an acquired taste, but I suppose it has it’s use. Looking at motorbike riders that same accusations can be drawn from all this leather gear wearing.

    Something from yesterday’s stage:
    I suppose when you’ve got the worlds media on hand, there’s no better time to crank it over on a few corners…..

    The gendarmerie getting the most out of his motorcycle.
  10. Oooohh yeah!! That member of the gendarmerie is hoofing it...:LOL:
  11. I had a look at the previous photo in that series and the other guy was way over as well. Certainly not hanging about. Nice protective gear by the way (not)

  12. I love it, as a mad mountain biker as well as a keen motorcyclist/rideday junky I gotta give the biggest respect to those guys. For all those here who are always bagging cyclists... Get real fools. Car drivers are always bagging us and if we do the same to cyclists then we are just as bad.

    Ignorance is no excuse
  13. While it keeps interupting my cricket , i say down with the tour , steroid taking peddlers :roll: :roll: :p
  14. As a lover and rider of both cycling and motorbiking I believe we both have a common denominator..we have to anticipate what cage drivers will do.
    I cycled around Tasmania last yearand met many on motorbikes who were both interested and supportive of cyclists. A few bad cyclists give a bad name to all, just as bad riders do.
    I wear lycra sometimes and it feels so good. Give it a shot! :D :wink:
  15. Look whose talking, getting suspended cause mummy gives him an antihistamine for a runny nose, awwww...poor ickle diddums....can't even be man enough to say...yeah I'm addicted to sudafed.

    I like the cricket, it's the quickest sleep sedative I know...:LOL:
  16. Cricket, yer that game has produced some very wholesome characters hasn't it.
  17. cricket i can handle
    get off on sweaty men in lycra is all a bit faggy to me :wink: :LOL:
  18. Quote"Sure the lycra & leg (body) shaving is an acquired taste, but I suppose it has it’s use. Looking at motorbike riders that same accusations can be drawn from all this leather gear wearing." Unquote

    Safety type for both. If they fall, hair in the cuts cause healing problems. Leather tries to stop said same cuts.

    As I watch i think about how I would go around that bend on a motorised version. Only prob is they drive on the wrong side of the road and I think if I had a prob I would head for the wrong side and end up as a monument there.

    As I watch those iron men, I wonder what sort of drugs are pushing them along. Be nice to think they are all clean.

  19. I am of the opinion that since the days of the defunct team of 'Once' I think it was that were caught using drugs (a few years back) the sport is VERY clean now with mega samples taken. To think that they are all hyped up on meds is just wrong. Sure there are going to be a few who will run the guantlet as in any sport, well maybe not tiddly winks but you get the picture.

    Lance Armstrong does around 30,000km in preparation for this race. These boys a just super fit guys with heaps of endurence. They are the best of the best IMHO.

    Cheers 8)
  20. Hard to know whet side to take here. Yes, the testing is rigorous, but it is in other sports too, it's just that the cheats are more sophisticated and are staying one step ahead.

    On the other hand you have to admire people who can do that sort of thing, whether they are getting outside assistance or not. I ride my pushy and I know how hard it is. Last holidays I rode around Lake Illawarra, 42 kms and I thought I was going to DIE!!!