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Tour de France bikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by aheung, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. Just curious.
    What kind of motorbikes are used in the tour de france?
    the ones with the times, cameraman, etc.
    they look like BMWs?

    very cool !!!
  2. One of the best jobs ever being on those motorbikes. Wait till they get to the mountain stages and look how fun those roads will be to ride. I think they are on BMW's.
  3. Mostly BMW R1200RTs that I've seen, though there's a couple of older k series that crop up. Its interesting whatching some of the descents, where it looks like the camera and escort bikes have to push pretty hard to keep up.

    Its time for the annual "we should retrace the tour de france on a motorcycle" discussion with the better half
  4. Those bikes are badass!
    same as their police/paramedic bikes?

    too many Yeti ads on SBS, should have more BMW ads!

    TdF on motorbike with the Mrs sounds like a pretty realistic proposition! (unlike hiring a Harley to cross the US - also on the bucket list)
  5. Apparently all the Mc riders are ex bike racers. Makes it a little difficult to get one of those jobs.

    Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa
  6. 3 broken bones yesterday, and 2 of them finished the race. Tough bastards.

    Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa
  7. Ride that much distance on a push bike!? Enough said!!
  8. Be a great job, although u'd have to be pretty good to keep up on the downhills.

    I read an article in SMH I think a couple of years back. It was a race between a gixxer 1000 or an R1 (can't remember) against a push bike down one the steepest windiest descents on the course. Both were professionals. Over 20 or 30km the motorbike won by only 30 seconds and it was 10 or 11 minutes all up. These guys are pretty skilled as well as insanely fit and most enjoy pain it would seem.
  9. 1400GTR's (Kawa Concourse in Europe) are the official moto of the Tour, all of the other bikes belong to TV networks, newspapers and your freelancers...
    If your ever in France during July with your bike and are a little strapped for cash, put an add in one of the local rags & photographers will pay you just about anything. Plus you get to see Le Tour for free......
  10. I'm calling bullshit there. Phil Liggett was talking the other night about how the MC riders are mostly ex cycle racers and have a "symbiotic relationship of understanding with the cyclists". I'm only guessing but would say it one of the toughest riding jobs to get in the world.
  11. The add in the local rag part was tongue in cheek.....

    The 1400 part, well what the **** would I know, I only worked for ASO for 9 years.....

    Enjoy your night
  12. I recall that the 'Tour Down Under' were looking for licenced, experienced with pillion, riders and motorcycles this year.
  13. I just left Paris, stuffs me how they ride those things on cobble stones, there is no tar in Paris lol
  14. I wouldn't do the job for quids.
    Imagine the concentration you'd need zooming along around the riders with a pillion who moves about while holding the camera. And not just twitching, I mean full on leaning off the side for some of those great shots of the bikes.
    Watch carefully and you'll see the motorbike rider actually compensating for the pillion.
    Scary stuff.
  15. But when you arrive, you can park it just about anywhere!