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Tour around Tas advice.

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Ed Chigliak, Nov 14, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm heading off to Tas in february with the wife. Just wondering how long folks reckon I'll need to get a good look at the place (and roads) without pushing it every day, or ny if possible.

    We're riding from Adelaide, probably got 1 night in Vic before getting on the overnght boat. On return, I'm hoping to just get off the boat, turn left and hit the GOR for run home. And I've got 3 weeks off work.

    We're camping and done loads of touring before so that side of things is sorted, but maybe have 1 or 2 days in a hotel and off the bike. It's just neither of us have been to Tas before, and I'm fairly new to Oz, so I've got no idea about the size of Tas. So any info welcome.


    ps sorry if this has been done but I found nothing that really answers this.

  2. ive only driven around it, but in a week we managed to get a good 'all over' view of the island. its an amazing place, cant wait to get there on the bike!

    edit: if you do a couple of searches, there have been some big tassy threads and the like :)
  3. Not gonna lie...am jealous! Have heard fantastic things of mates who have toured around Tassie!

    Good luck with it and please post pics and updates...suckers like myself who'll be stuck in the rat race would love to hear of it!
  4. A good week should do it. We did 5 days in the car, but felt rushed. 7 - 10 days would be ideal I think...
  5. check out this tour of tassie i did earlier this year.. there's also others about the forum as well but can be hard to find... some other Vic boys were down that way in January as well and i think they posted about it on the Vic forum...

    feel free to ask any questions.. i LUV Tassie btw :)

  6. You will have a ball, Tasmania is Motorcycle Heaven. :)

    Have a look at This Article (PDF) from the Netrider Article section. It's a bit old but worth a read.
  7. wow... i've been racking my brain as to who the guys were that were down in tassie in Jan then i remembered that Vic was one of them... so i go look up his nic to find their Tassie post and found the biggest shitfight ever!!! :blackeye:

    worth the read though :popcorn:
  8. The mrs & I did it in 10 days just cruising, with a few days camped in Hobart.

    I think we averaged 2-300kms per day...

    You could do it 3, but you wouldn't see much of the place ;)
  9. What sort of riding?
    How many hours in the saddle a day before it gets to be a chore? (Something that varies a lot for both rider and pillion). 400km is plenty for me down there.

    I'm going in April (third visit) and I'll be spending 7 days, all on the East coast this time. Taking it easy for a change.
  10. We're hoping to take it easy this time, reckon 300km daily tops. Can do more though if needed. We've done 600 miles in a day before so even 400kms will be a breeze.

    Seems like somewhere in the region of a 7-10 days will do the job nicely then. Been looking at ferry prices and coming in around $700 return, depending on specific dates. Do they get cheaper or more expensive as time goes on?
  11. if you had read through the link that i put up for you ( https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=109455 ) you'd have read this...

    so there you go... just go across on the "day runs" and you'll save yourself a heap... get a 4 berth share to keep your stuff and to have a sleep... the 4 berth share is done by gender but you can end up with a cabin by yourself...
    so if you are flexable in your timings you can wait and snap up a bargain... this year they ran a special in the second half of january... i'd be keeping an eye out for that... it cost me around $450 running the day trip across but it would have been $100 cheaper if i'd have waited for the special...
  12. This is the route I plan to take over Christmas, 14 days going anti-clockwise, bit of backtracking around Hobart to be in Port Arthur for new years, the day before we head home.

    Map also lists all the touristy things worth looking at:

  13. hi fiction,

    when i click on that link all i get is a map of australia... :-s
  14. Not much beats a nice slow tour around a map of Tasmania ;)
  15. Wife and I (both riding) took an 11 day tour last February, wasn't long enough.
    We are going back late January 2011 for a fortnight to get to places we did not have time for.
  16. Ferry pricing for passengers is all over the place. Highest in January, drops in Feb. Goes up a bit in March and up again in April. Bike fare doesn't change.
    If you do the daytime crossing, remember that you'll need another nights accommodation somewhere. Can still work out cheaper, but you may lose a day's riding.
  17. Hi ya

    Have a look at a couple of threads for some ride ideas in the north:



    Also if you are looking for cheap fares across and back they have a sale running at present for day sailings I think they are $69 a person plus the $51 for the bike. On sale now but only for dates after 27th of Jan.

    I live here get out every weekend and reckon I have years of exploring before I have covered all the places to see :p LOL Mind you have a few faves that get ridden often :)
  18. Ed I used to live in Tassie.. Suggest Devonport than take the Frankston Highway south east towards Exeter. Then head North and cross the Batman Bridge... From there you can either hit the country to Scottsdale or head back north and enjoy the coast towards Georgetown and then head East towards Bridport then go south east to wards Georgetown. From there towards Derby St Helens and then South towards Bicheno and Coless Bay. Don t miss out on the hour walk to Wineglass Bay. Continue South to wards Port Arthur and Hobart. From there explore the Huon Valley etc etc. Magnificent and Beautifull.. You will need at least 2 weeks. March usually hot and dry.. If I can help PM me. All the best
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