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Tough Mudder

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by duncan_bayne, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. I've entered with some friends from work, & so I just went for a 5k run this afternoon ... first time I've been running in six years. Felt reeeeally good after the endorphin kicked in at ~ 3.5km, but I suspect I'm going to be walking like a cripple tomorrow.

    In related news, I was running in Vibram Five-Fingers. Odd looking things but they're brilliant - very very comfortable, and I felt like I was moving more comfortably while running in them (though that might be a combination of placebo effect and trying to rationalise the purchase :) ).

  2. This may also have a positive effect on my fitness for track days ... and at ~ 90kg on a 125 the projected weight loss will be of help too :)
  3. Good luck with the Tough Mudder.

    I did it last year and did the first one this year, also entered in the next one at PI. It is part of my training to get down to 100kgs.

    I had Vibram five fingers and trained in the gym but was advised against long running in them unless you build up to the distance. So I went back to runners for running and the vibrams in the gym.

    Enjoy your running, that reminds me I need to run and get training for the half marathon in Geelong in a couple of weeks.
  4. How long have you been running in vibrams? The calves do take huge punishment with the different style of running. I'd like to do the tough mudder next year in my vibrams.
  5. Was training for tough mudder last year and then I gave myself a stress/fatigue fracture in tibia. While undergoing strength training for physio and recovery, I tore my external oblique ab away from the rectus abdominals or something like that which put an end to all thoughts of participating. Never really healed properly either.
  6. I do not run in mine, since I am such a big bloke I decided I should use the shock impact that runners give me to try and save my knees.

    I have seen quiet a few people doing Tough mudder in vibrams.
  7. My colleague next to me does Tough Mudder every year. He just did the Spartan race yesterday. He loves that shit.
  8. The funny thing is, the best shock absorber you will ever get is infact your foot.
    Modern day "runners" let us run in a way that our body is not deisgned to do.... heal then toe.
    Sure the soles are designed to reduce impact, but thats what your foot does naturally when you start running on the ball / toes of your feet.

    Run barefoot and you will naturally start running toe/heal.
    You may find that modern runners are actually the cause of dodgy knees.
  9. Definitely heard that rumour before.
  10. So when I am running in my joggers I should do toes then heels?
  11. I have heard that before, but on my reading on the subject I am happy with the way I run etc.

    I do not have dodgy knees and do not want them etc.
  12. I would be asking a reputed physio face to face for advice on this.
  13. You should actually go toe heel on one foot, and heel toe on the other.

    Evens things out.
  14. I'd fall over just trying to think about doing that!

    My heels get sore a lot, so I'll give it a go.
  15. Please post a video of that. I'm already pissing myself thinking about someone running as described. :ROFLMAO:
  16. That was my first time out :) My quads are killing me (haven't run in six years) but otherwise I'm fine. It probably helps that my regular shoes are soft leather with thin, flexible soles and no arch support. So I'm used to an absence of padding in footwear.