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Touching base

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by thatdarnweasel, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. 'Sup lads and ladies,
    I've found myself in a position that getting a bike for weekend riding and leisure is probably the ideal thing for me - i've been a pillion a good handful of times, and I miss cruising around with my housemate on the better days. I also miss having a project, something to work on and be proud of.
    This in partner with having a commute into the city has been enough motivation for me to really seriously want to get a motorbike -something i've just dreamed of being a 'someday' thing.

    I figure I'll start off with it being just the weekend riding on a small, older bike (that I won't break down into tears if I drop) while I learn the ins and outs. I know I'll get a kick out of working on it and keeping it neat and tidy :) I'm at the stage of researching and trying out gear/helmets, building knowledge about bikes and what might be just right for me.

    Eventually, if it all works out, I'll be on the lookout for something comfortable enough for a commuter, but something I can stretch the legs of and take out touring with friends.

    So hi! I've got a lot to learn.
  2. welcome to NR, what sort of bike have you go? where are you located?
  3. Thanks dude, no bike for me yet, I'm still shopping around! I've got my eye on a 2000-2006 VTR250 to start off with, though my partner also rides and is without a bike since moving over from the US, so it wouldn't hurt if i was to get something a little bigger. GS500F appeals, or some other LAMS sports tourer style bike could be a winner so they could ride while I pillion on occasion...
    Though, all I really want is a small bike good for an absolute beginner, something I can work on and take pride in to get me out and about in the wide world on a fine day with twisty roads at my disposal :)
    I'm around Wollongong.
  4. The GS500, either E or F, is an excellent choice. And welcome to NR.
  5. +1 as per gramlord, popular bike the gs500
  6. Is that a cat zooming into the abyss in your avatar?
  7. welcome to NR. (y)
  8. The GS500 is a solid bike, though upgrading the suspension is almost a must. New springs in the forks should do, though you may wish to swap out the rear shock as well. The forks should cost you 100, 150 tops, and a shock from an R6 can be found for <$200 (as I recall... could be wrong :shrug).

    I suggest considering a dual sport; their power is focused down, which is a big disadvantage if you want to be hitting 200k (not recommended on public roads anyway ;)), but is a boon when you're travelling at commuting speeds. Most of the ~600cc ones will be okay at 100k, though they may not be so quick on the acceleration (but you don't tend to need it so much on 100/110k roads).

    Another couple of advantages are that they are designed to be broken, you have the option of getting adventurous without buying another bike, the height gives you a better view of traffic, and they're usually easy to work on/relatively simple mechanically. 'Course, you also have the option of motarding it for super city silliness and general road fun :D (you want a project? There you go!).

    Happy hunting, have fun!

    EDIT: Also bear in mind that it'll probably take you a bike or two before you figure out exactly what you want/like.
  9. Hah, no, it's a weasel with a jetpack. (It's shopped, I can tell by the pixels.)