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Touch-Up Paint

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Valkau, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. I've had an awful job trying to get touch up paint for my CBR1100xx Blackbird in Sydney as the usual shops such as Super Cheap have a very limited Honda range. Darkness Black Metallic is more exotic than I realised!!!

    I finally discovered this group called Autolac (website has same name) who have branches at Artarmon, Brookvale, Wetherall Park and Newcastle. They custom mix to formula - as small as 250 ml (very small can).

    We found the colour in their catalogue and the authentic mix is a brand handled by City Ford who supply paint out of their Arncliffe Branch. I spoke to a young snot at City Ford who told me they now only supply panel beaters so I would have to order through one of them (sight unseen presumably -FU).

    Will Nash at Autolac Artarmon colour matched for me and tweaked the final mix as fairing and body panels are different batches. When I win the lottery I'll respray the whole thing but meanwhile, I can now touch up the little bits of wear and tear with a good matching paint.

    Autolac are worth checking out, particularly for small quantites.[/url]
  2. a honda dealer couldnt get it in for you? when someone egged my car while i was doing 100kph it left a big scrape mark on my bonnet and the mitsubishi dealer had the colour in stock. it was 14 bucks.
  3. Thanks Snowman. Honda dealers don't want to know, unlike Yamaha who stock a basic line of common colours.
  4. ah k, that sucks :(
  5. I dont mind autolack cause they are the only ones that have a bike specif colour book and stock House of Colour paints.