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Totally off topic, but

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Nov 9, 2007.

  1. I NEED to BUY a 240volt, handheld blower for getting dust-bunnies out of computers. I know such a thing exists because a mate's place of employment has one, but the 'Net and a trip to Bunnings has yielded nothing.

  2. If all else fails you can buy cans of compressed air from computer shops, but it was pretty tame last time I used it.

    All I can suggest is don't listen to people when they say to just use a compressor instead (you probably already knew this, but just in case).
  3. Yeah, cans are always going to run out at the wrong time, and I haven't the physique to lump a compressor around!!
  4. Hiya Paul ..

    I wonder if a portable mini compressor of the kind that's used for air brushing would suit your needs??

    I got one of these off eBay about 12 months ago ... http://tinyurl.com/2wl3r4

    Could be an option ....

    Cheers ..

  5. +1 Though if you're going to go with that option make sure to get a water trap too - moist air + electrical components isn't a great combination.

    Of course you could always get one of those USB powered vacuums ;).
  6. Would be a handy item to have, at work we've always used a paint brush, and nothings gone wrong...

    Just a thought, look at Anaconda for a air-mattress compressor, some will come with a wall plug adapter, and they will have nozzles for smaller holes too. :)
  7. hair dryer???
    (I know you have no more regular use for one than I do, but... :wink: )
  8. Mini compressor looks good, certainly small.

    Hadn't thought of a hairdryer, but what I need is more a concentrated burst of air, rather than a constant 'blow'......

    That said, this http://www.makita.com.au/product.asp?ContentID=UB181DZ looks good (dunno how much it is) but what does Air Volume - Hi 0-2.2m3/min equate to in terms of volume of air, power thereof???

    ooo, further searching, Makita UB181DZ: One of the top sellers among the Makita models, costs around $100 and operates with an 18V battery. Weighing 4.6 lbs, it delivers a maximum air volume of 78 cfm and maximum air of 179 mph. :shock:
  9. Again, I would recommend you steer clear of the compressor thoughts as they have a tendancy to blow moist water as jd mentioned. I knew a guy who destroyed his graphics card after "cleaning" it using a compressor.

    That Makita sounds pretty good though.
  10. You can get menualy operated puffers too. Much like a nozzle with a round sort of ball you squeeze on the end. Good for delicate puffing!! :grin:

  11. Like lens cleaners for cameras? I had thought of them too.
  12. Anh problems with compressed air running an inline filter? Any painters know emechezzit for a filter?
  13. Who cleans the pc while its on anyway... i mean sheesh :p

    Did they also plug in a new sound card while it was on ;)
  14. Ummm, you don't want a compressor or compressed air for that matter.
    Blowing will only force the dust in further.

    Use a vacuum cleaner to suck the dust out.

  15. i've always washed my graphics cards and sound cards with water. no shit, like in a bucket of water. then i metho them, then air dry. the dust floats up and out and they come out clean and i havent had them die (same ones for 3 years now, yep, the "server" PC is a dinosaur)
    just make sure they are unpluged, discharge any capacitors on the board, and dont plug 'em back in until they are def. dry!
    no guarantee implied. add water to your electronic components at your own risk.
  16. Ah yes, I already have the option to suck the dust away from sensitive places, but the best way to get rid of dust in the cases and around the drive bays is to take the sides off and take it outside and blow the bunnies away.
  17. Paul, the Minister for War & Finance must be due to buy herself a new hair dryer while the new one still works!!

    Grab the old one and rig up a nozzle on the outlet of it using cardboard and dare I say duct tape :LOL: If you feel able you could even open it up and disconnect the heater elements so it blows cold air.
  18. Turn keyboard upside down and bash edges against table top. Dirt falls out. Change angles and repeat.
    Keyboards are pretty tough.

    Regards, Andrew.
  19. I used to take a combined approach. A specialist photocopier cleaning vacuum (fine nozzle, anti-static etc) to get the bulk of the cruft out, then for the really hard to clean places turn to the can of compressed air. However I did also use to swap mobo / PSU fans over @ 2years. I must say I haven't had many PC's die on me.
  20. Now, James, a SPECIALISED photo-copier vacuum cleaner??? Where might such a beast be obtained???