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totally non bike related advice sought...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by carri27, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. i figure there has to be some advantage to being in a bloke dominated sport. so if i bat my eyelids and smile nicely, would someone mind offering me advice (male or female). one of my halogen lights in my bathroom was fading in and out. going out for a few minutes then coming back to life. figured it must be on its last legs, so i replaced it. put the new one this arvo. same story - doing exactly the same thing. funnily enough, the sound on SBS was doing the same earlier on tonight. weird. do i need an electrician? can anyone help me?

  2. See, your problem is using Optimax - that shit will ruin your injectors. I use Mobile 8000 and baby loves it.
  3. yeah, i'd suggest switching to mobil too, that optimax stuff will trash your bike for sure :?

    errrr.... nfi :?: i'd say a a sparky would be a good start :wink:
  4. its probably the bloke that installed the spy cam in ya bathroom adjusting the light for better pic quality ............ lmao
  5. seriously get an electrician
  6. but first call your energy provider and find out if your area has been affected by any brown outs due to aircon usage etc.
  7. thanks for bothering to read & reply. i'll find a sparky ... or wait for the bathroom to blow up ... one of the two :)
  8. cool - good idea. thx.
  9. All you need is some 12 guage fencing wire, some duct tape and a can of WD40. Once you have that call an electrician, explain that you have your tools ready and are about to go fix it, then ask what you should you be looking for. That should get a sparky 'round there by the time you hang up.
  10. Sounds like something causing a surge, possibly the transformer playing up. But as for the tv, now thats freaky..
  11. Having seen this recently on another downlight set, i was kinda amused reading about your problem.

    On the other downlights the problem appeared to be that the transformer(s) were overheating and causing one or two of the bulbs to dim, flicker, or go off completely. Remember these are low voltage downlights and as such need a transformer from 240VAC to 12VDC.

    I reckon especially in the heat we've been having recently that it'd be the transformer or maybe even the actual light requiring more ventilation.
  12. wow - cool. good advice. thank you. what do i do about it? what's a transformer, where do i get it, where do i put it???? (my excuse is that i dyed my hair blonde:) ) or is there clearly one somewhere in the ouse already that needs adjusting/changing in some way? ignorance isn't bliss, it's a right royal pain in the a*se
  13. its inside the roof ... and u get an electriction to do it
  14. We're having a similar problem with our bedroom light ATM but we've got a sizzling sound behind the switch as well.

    I called my dad (who's a Sparki by trade) and told him what was going on and he told me to switch it off and LEAVE IT ALONE until he could have a look. :shock:

    Seriously, get a Sparki in to have a look cos you don't wanna mess around with this sort of stuff yourself. Even if it is just the transformer (which is easy to replace), it may be something else - like wiring - and you don't wanna be messin with that!!!

    Being a Sparki's daughter, I've seen lotsa stuff growing up watching my Dad doing his thing and I've seen things go wrong too.... :shock:

  15. The problem you have is caused by the thermal trip switch inside your transformer which I suspect is probaly an old iron core tranny. basically when it gets to hot it stop working and when it cools down it starts again. There is nothing you can do to fix it except get a new one ( and make sure its a more modern electronic tranny which are more reliable and about the same price) Pull down your down light and plug in the new one or get your dad to do it. Hope this help , and yes I am a sparky
  16. Check to see that there is no insulation covering the transformer in the roof. If there is then the post above mine makes perfect sense, thermal cut out. It wont be the globe, it will be the transformer.

    Unless you understand electricity, leave it alone and get a sparky or a handyman to do it.

    240V hurts like shit when it travels through your body. Trust me, I know :shock:
  17. outstanding feedback and advice. didn't expect anywhere near this kind of response. a benefit i didn't expect from joining this group. thanks one and all.

    hope to meet you on a ride one day... and meanwhile if you want advice on the best pefumes, lingerie or beauty services to buy your girlfriends/partners for valentine's day, feel free to ask :)
  18. i thought it'd be another thread on picking up chicks.
  19. dissapointing innit?
  20. Thats all nice and all, but are you able to fix me up with a nice lady so i can buy all those things for her :p