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Totally madass

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ROZEE, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. HELLO!
    I've recently purchased my first bike which is very exciting. Although it's just a little 125cc I love it! It's a Sachs Madass which seem to be getting quite popular.
    I'm in Brisbane and it's proving to be an awesome commuter and lots of fun but now I just can't wait to get something bigger!
    Hope to see some of you fellow riders out there :)

  2. Welcome ROZEE hope to see you around :grin:
  3. Thanks greyghost, just look out for a bright yellow madass with me on top :p
  4. You wouldnt be in the Park Ridge area would you cause I think I have seen a bright yellow madass zooming about here recently :)
  5. Great to hear the 125 madass is out, I remember our long-lost buddy incitatus rode one around an airport one time and came back drooling with desire.

    There were plans to do a 500cc madass at some stage too. Now that would be mad!
  6. :( Inci :(

    Oh, hello Rozee.
  7. I've mainly been cruising from Kelvin Grove to the airport (work) so far.

    If they bring out a 500cc madass it's mine! I will be on that quicker than Oprah on a hotcake :p
  8. Hi Rozee

    Is that meant to sound like Rosie...or Rossi? :grin:
  9. Lol yeah its Rosie really but I like to think it's a whole lot cooler spelt Rozee :cool:
    Thanks for totally blowing the lid off my scam :p
  10. Think what you like ;) :p
  11. ah i'm still trying to get a test ride on one, but as soon a i mention BMX track dealers pull the keys back :LOL:

    welcome to netrider
  12. Welcome to the mad house.. :LOL:
  13. Welcome Rozee. Great choice of bike, those things look like a bit of fun. :)
  14. Rob, was trying to find your throttle rocker crash thread (if such a beast exists, might have been someone else?) and hit on this. What happened to Inci?! :(
  15. Hiya Yak.

    For reasons I'm not privy to, Inci has elected not to participate in NR anymore. Clearly something/one upset his apple cart and he's taken his vast body of knowledge elsewhere. :(

    IMO, frankly it's all our losses - he was probably one of the most insightful debaters/posters around... but I don't know the circumstances so all I'm commenting on is that he's no longer here.

    Seeya Inci Ol' mate.

    On the topic of the throttle rocker, I still use the blighter, but only when I'm in a cruisy, no need to corner hard, kind of riding head space. I find it interferes with my big mitts even if I rotate is out of the way... I might use it on the way to the spur for example, but once there, it comes off.