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total newbie

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by chmaiden, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. hi guys

    i have finally got around to getting my learners permit...only taken me 20 years but thought that i should just go for it and booked myself on at HART at the weekend - wow! what fun!!! I had never been on a bike before but loved it - scared the crap out of me and everything and have a lot more respect, but am now keen to crack on. Obviously have to wait 3 months min for the licence, but want to get the gear and a bike to get practice etc. the wife wants me to get a new one ("its a fragile thing and you dont want it going wrong - which I understand - she wants to do it in a year or so) but I am looking at something like a nearly new CBF250 or something like that. I am quite a big bloke - 105kgs and only 5'9 - blame 20 years of rugby training - both on and off the pitch in the bar! but am not really intending on blasting this thing about - a commute in teh summer and fair weather in teh winter. Longer term i would like to go down the Adventure bike route but we will see with that. I had a look over at AMX at the gear over there, and they looked ok fo rhte gear - will probably sort that out this week - will do some helmet trying on at lunchtimes down elizabeth st.

    Anyway - is that the sort of bike that will suit me for the next 18 months? Or does anyone else have any other recommendations? What should I be looking for when it comes to a 2nd hand bike? Does anyone know of any that are for sale? Would anyone be willing to give me a hand??? (I moved over to Melbourne 2 years ago and none of my mates here ride).

    With regards to kit, I tried on an AGV Stealth helmet - seemed pretty comfy for the 5 mins i had it on!!! Any other recommendations? The guy at PEter Stevens was pushing me towards RST as well...thoughts?

    Questions questions questions!!! I've done a lot of reading, but am now at the point where i am starting to get confused and feel liek i am going round in circles!!!!

    thanks for any help in advance



  2. the yammie place upstairs next door to PS isn't bad for gear. also the peter stevens clearance place in abeckett st is OK. thought about a gs500?
  3. Chris,

    Congrats on joining the 2 wheel world.

    Yeah I would suggest you take your time and have a look around at other bikes simply due to your past "rugby" lifestyle the bikes physical size may be important as well as a bit more poke than a CB250f.

    I'd suggest buy a 2nd hand one unless there is little price difference to a new one and dont spend too much now as you've already indicated that you want a larger bike in the future. Unless you've got heaps of the folding stuff of course.

    Cheers. :)
  4. Hey congrats!

    There are a few of us learners around in Melbourne and we meet up to practice together on the weekends :) If you wanna come and meet some people and check out some bikes (or come ride yours when you have it!) just let us know :)
  5. that sounds great mate - will defo take you up on that!

    does anyone have plenty of the folding stuff????!!! They can check it my way if its burning a whole in your pocket!

    ok - will have a look at the slightly larger bikes then. I have to say, we were riding on cbf250s at HART and they seemed like plenty fun and not too small to me - but then again, I had nothing to compare it to!
  6. Hey Chris. Welcome to NR.

    Was your Hart course just last weekend? I was on my L's too last weekend. I was in Rick's group.

    Lots of fun. Can't wait to get out there on my own bike now.

    There is heaps of info here on bikes and gear. Search is your friend if you know what you are looking for. Also check our the gear and bike review forums on this site.

    I'm looking forward to get up and running on the learner rides and I hope to see you on some!!!
  7. yes mate - Rick rocks!!! was quite funny - had a walk down Elizabeth St on Monday lunchtime and saw 2 blokes from our course there. Then went down there again on Tuesday and one of them was buying a Ducati Monster at Peter Stevens!!!!

    Half the problem is that i havent got a clue what i want!!!!
  8. I might have been one of those people you saw on Monday. I work in Melb. Central, so I've been out and about to dealers for a couple of weeks. I was only down at Spot-On on Monday though.

    My advice would be to read around here and use the search function for “first bike†learner bike†etc. There is lots of great advice here. You’ll also see this advice heaps on this forum………….go and sit on some bikes!!! Until you sit on them you won’t know how they feel. I felt cramped on the HART bikes, and I’ve sat on a couple of bikes which weren’t as bad, but were still cramped.

    In the 250’s the Hyosung’s are bigger bikes, but many people say to stay away from them due to mechanical issues. One of the dealers I spoke to pushed the ZZR250 as a bigger 250, which it is, but it isn’t as big as a full size. Personally I’ve found the Suzuki GS500 to be the most comfortable for me to sit on (sat on a new model at Peter Stevens today).

    As for the ride, well it depends on what you want outta your bike. Think about what you want to do with your bike in your first 12 to 15 months and then ask around here. I feel your pain in making the decision though.
  9. are you stalking me?!?!?! I was sitting on the black GS500 at Peter Stevens about an hour ago!!!!
  10. im bout the same height/weight as you, got the gs500 and felt it has been a good choice so far. definately feel the weight diff than some of the 125/250's you can muscle around in learner courses, but its really stable on the hwy. only issue for me are my big thighs, probably from years of squats and found it hard to grip the bike due to the seat width.. if money was no object, i would've picked up the sv650su though :)

    helmets, i used the uk sharp tests to decide, got the shark rsr2. safe helmet but peripheral vision is somewhat limited. http://sharp.direct.gov.uk/

    once u get your bike, definately come along to the parking lot practices/rides on saturday. not this week since there's a ride to woodend planned.
  11. i am leaning towards the GS500 now - jsut need to find a decent 2nd hand example
  12. Think you're stalking ME maybe. I sat on the new model GS500 (naked black one) in the back of the store at about 12:50pm. Felt great.
  13. You shouldnt have too much trouble finding a decent GS500. Essentially they are all mechanically indentical from 1989 till 2009 unless you call slapping a fairing on it in the last couple of years a major update.

    They are simple but robust bikes and because they are air cooled ie no radiator even less to go wrong. Dont forget about the Kawasaki ER5 similar style of bike but water cooled so more poke but no longer made replaced by ER6. Enjoy and take your time

  14. i know i should take time but bloody keen to get practising and with the sale ending on new bikes on sat...am v keen!!!!
  15. Hey Chris, don't hurry, you've got to live with the thing for over a year, so make the right decision

    maybe take one of these fine, up-standing pillars of society with you when you go shopping??? :LOL:
  16. will try - ever so keen to get going and i know me - if i dont do it soon i will just let other things get in the way!!!

    Tell me, do I really need the extra grunt of a bigger bike or will a 250 suit me - I'm not planning on breaking any speed records at all - just a bit of commuting and tootling around at the weekend maybe?
  17. that gs500 was a bargain!!!! shame there are none knocking around at the moment!
  18. And men think -we're- bad when we go shopping! :p

    Its so hard to wait for your bike :) I had to wait about 3 months til I could figure out my financing! It was so difficult.. Hopefully you can get out there sooner and have some fun :)
  19. at least we dun get so excited we leave teh keys in the ignition :p:p